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You go back now, you go against Kentucky, we ran that ball and ran that ball and BAM BAM BAM. Now we’re striving for what right now, more balance, right? That means less touches, right? That means the amount of touches are less and you’re dividing them three ways. You see what I’m saying? In one breath it’s throw it, throw it, balance it, balance it. The next breath it’s where are the runs? Well, it’s in there. It’s in there. There’s a reason why statistically we’re pretty good in every category in the SEC. Pretty good. There’s a reason for that. I’m a realist, man.

That’s Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio. There’s also a reference to falling off a pickle boat. H/t Dr Saturday.

  • Wow! Addazio would give Rose Perot a run for his money:

  • Mike

    It seems that Steve might be grasping at straws. Better keep that resume updated and handy.

  • OldSouth

    People seem to be all about balance being good per se. I disagree. Gross deviations between yards per pass and yards per carry may suggest that you’re losing some value by overemphasizing on the weaker one. (But don’t go too far; need more reward from passing to offset the increased chance of a turnover).

  • UFTimmy

    I’m ashamed.

  • Gator Fan

    Addazio is not the only one to blame. The departure of Percy Harvin has undoubtedly taken some of the explosiveness out of the Gators’ attack. And as of late, there has not been a whole lot of viable options down the field, save for TE Hernandez and WR Riley Cooper. Add to that the injury to Tim Tebow earlier in the year, and any offensive coordinator would have trouble, especially in the SEC.

    That being said, Addazio has not helped the situation by failing to stick with a consistent package of plays. The offense has improved since early in the year, mostly because Florida doesn’t stay in 5-wide sets for 70% of the game and try to run a deep vertical style of offense out of it.

    In my opinion, and take this for what it’s worth, the most consistent parts of the offense have been the Power play, the option (I’m not talking about the dive play where Tebow just hands it off, I mean the real option, whether it’s the veer or speed option or something similar), or any type of boot plays that allow Tebow to throw on the run and that get him out of the pocket.

    The Gators have the talent to go all the way, but right now, this offense makes me nervous, and going up against Nick Saban’s defense in a couple of week just might be what it takes to shut down an average offense, which is what it is. I don’t care about the stats, you can’t watch the Gators offense this season and tell me this is a good offense.

  • cantcatchuf

    Swindle definitely summed it up the best.

    (scroll down to find the pertinent graph)

  • Godfather of MuddaFucking Soul

    Losing Percy did not make Addazio dense. Being exposed to high level of mercury in utero made Addazio dense. He probably only ate oatmeal as a baby because, yeah, ice cream tastes good, BUT IT’S RISKY! It could give you tiny baby brain freeze!1111ZOUNDS!111 That oatmeal is consistent nutritional delivery every time.

  • Timmy

    I think your thoughts are very cool and special

  • indian1

    Addazio isn’t dense, he’s right. What does everyone expect Florida to do? They have been winning all of their games which is damn hard for anyone much less in the SEC. Now fans and news-people criticize them for what? Not winning with enough sex appeal? Are they supposed to beat everyone by 40? Are they supposed to throw like Texas Tech and run like Navy? Give me a break. They are winning and that’s all that matters. None of the critics understand how hard is is to win 9 in a row much less 19 in a row. I’m a Big Ten guy and really couldn’t give 2 shits about UF but give credit where credit is due.

  • endersgame

    Nice post indian1, I totally agree.

  • Chief

    UF’s offense only need to have one good game all year, and for all we know they could have been practicing special Bama packages for weeks.