Urban Meyer’s 2012 Ohio High Schools Coaches Clinic Lecture

Excellent stuff from Urban Meyer at this year’s OHSFCA clinic for Ohio high school coaches:

It will be very interesting to see how Meyer, who has had some success in the past of his own (to say the least), continues to evolve and change now that he’s at Ohio State.

  • Joshua Schairbaum

    I was lukewarm at first, but I’m starting to develop unrealistic expectations. I’ve been to this clinic several times and saw him speak in 2000(?) when he was still at Bowling Green. He’s definitely going to change Ohio State, and I think a lot of it will be for the better. I hope success follows.

  • Duh9

    What was the quip about smash he mentioned re: a discussion with Mike Leach, couldn’t really hear that part very well….was he saying Leach argued you could complete a corner route from the inside WR against outside leverage?

  • Drexel Trussell

     I think he said you throw it low and away against man.  Use your body and keep the corner on your back.  Makes a little sense.

  • smartfootball

    Right. I think what he said was that his (Meyer’s) view was that you couldn’t/shouldn’t throw a corner on the smash concept against a press-man defender playing outside leverage (presumably this defender is defending the slot receiver who is running the corner route). Leach’s response was that sure you can — if the defender is playing outside leverage but over the top, you can throw it low and away; if he’s playing outside leverage and equal to or underneath the receiver, then the quarterback can throw it with more air up the field so the receiver can kind of run under it and catch it over the shoulder.

    Obviously the point Meyer was making is that once you find what you believe in you coach to those specifics. Leach believed in throwing the ball and throwing that route concept, so he not only was saying you can throw that route against that coverage, but here’s exactly how you do it. And Meyer had to admit that Leach was right that that was how you would, though he still felt that, because they weren’t going to throw it as often as Leach, they would focus on other things they do well (power game, option stuff, etc). Was an interesting discussion.