The history of american football in Europe

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  • srp

    I’m glad they’re applying one of the Euro-ideas I actually like–relegation. That would work great in the NCAA.

    65,000 players in Europe. ( has about 250,000 in the U.S.) I’d a bet a lot of great receivers and DBs are lost to soccer. I’m not sure what the alternative sports over there would be for linemen.

  • srp

    BTW, the captcha for this thing is making me feel like I’m failing a Turing test.

  • Julien

    Alternative sports for linemen? Rugby! Specially big in UK and France. Germany and Austria (2 best countries in Europe with France) don’t play rugby.


  • Teo

    American football is actually really small in Italy, sadly. A friend of mine has started playing football about a year ago (she’s 20 now), and now is a starter for Italy’s national team (which really means little) because out of the other 20 or so girl cornerbacks in the country, she’s one of the most talented. Granted it’s girl football, but still…

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  • Roger Kelly

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