Smart Links – Woody Hayes on the Triple Option, Lighter Linebackers, Hugh Freeze’s Recruiting, Cam Cameron, Snickers – 2/14/2013

Share Valentine’s day the right way: with Woody Hayes serenading you with his explanations of the triple option (“The NFL doesn’t even try it.”). Go to about the 18 minute mark.

Also make sure to go to the 9:30 mark to check out the fashions. (I have some Woody Hayes related shirts in the Smart Football shop.)

Some thoughts on Cam Cameron as LSU’s new offensive coordinator.

Bruce Feldman on Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze’s recruiting.

Ronald Dworkin has passed away.

– Tragedy: Maker’s Mark is watering down its bourbon.

– Real life Speed: Driver has to speed 125 miles per hour because his brakes malfunctioned.

Lighter linebackers set the pace in the draft. A mirror of changes on offense.

Hilary Mantel with the London Review of Books.

The man who shot Bin Laden.

Why mutual fund flows are less important than you think. (PDF)

How the Snickers Bar changed over time.

Bill Gates does an AMA on reddit.

Leonard is the man. This was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve seen on TV in awhile.

Mike Leach flies coach.

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