Smart Links – Trick plays, TESF, Gruden’s Game Plan, Play-calling Jargon, All-22 – 6/25/2012

Let’s bring this one back — the old “Starburst” play, run by, of course, Spurrier’s old Florida Gators:

– That said, not all trick plays are worth repeating. This one worked but, well, I think we can keep it on the shelf. The over-the-shoulder:

The Crystal Ball Run reviews The Essential Smart Football. Also, Amazon dropped the price on the paperback version, and you can also find it on Barnes & Noble’s website.

My small role in inspiring noted author and gamesman Spencer Hall to write this must rank among my greatest accomplishments.

A scouting-report style look at Jon Gruden’s offensive gameplan.

Kirk Ferentz now owns the “Stanzi.”

Will NFL play-calling evolve into something simpler? I’m curious what role helmet-radios play in all of this. Also, there needs to be some argument for why they will not become simpler other than path dependence.

Top-10 Easiest Non-Conference Schedules in 2012.

Well, this is old excerpt is odd to read in 2012.

All-22 Game Film comes to the NFL. I am very excited if slightly apprehensive about this. One datapoint is I think this is more relevant for the NFL than college, as many of college football cameras are set at a fairly wide angle to begin with, whereas the NFL designed almost all of their stadium cameras for extreme close-ups. I need to familiarize myself with the details of the new offering.

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  • A coach from Huey’s site runs that over the shoulder pass late in games, when his team is already up. If it isn’t a call from the Sainted Six, then it is usually that kind of play, to a different field area in the back of the end zone.