Smart Links – Strategery round-up – 1/3/2011

Along the Olentangy has some great previews of Arkansas in anticipation of Ohio State’s bowl game. As Ross notes, Petrino’s likes to gash the opposite over the top with big plays, including on the great “Mills” pass Spurrier made famous:


And when not throwing the deep ball, Petrino’s favorite series is the shallow or drive series. Ross observes that Petrino mixes and matches where the dig will come from as compared with the shallow (i.e. from the same side or opposite the shallow) but that Bobby likes to send the back on a wheel route to clear the way for the shallow:


Sometimes though — as shown below against Alabama — the defense fails to cover the runner on the wheel route.

Read the whole thing.

I’ll have more to say about this, but Runcodhit has some excellent stuff about Oregon’s run game concepts. Specifically, it combines the outside zone play with the read of the defensive tackle or three-technique. (See also here.)

The upshot of this adjustment is it makes irrelevant the typical games defenses play to counteract “midline-esque” run plays, because if the linebacker scrapes inside to take away the quarterback he is widely out of position for the outside zone to the sideline. (For bonus material, check out this post about zone blitzes with split-safety defenses.)

They lost, but this is still a useful video on Wisconsin’s power run schemes.

Coach Allam has a post up about tagging “mesh” with choice routes, specifically an out/fade read. I have other tags I like for the outside receiver in mesh, but this video below from Hudl (make sure to click the arrows below to cycle through the cutups) makes the post worth it.

Brophy with some great stuff on Malzahn’s run game at Auburn. More on this to come soon.

The Press Box picks up on Dana Holgorsen’s stick/draw packaged concept that I talked about recently:

Coach Hoover with some old school 49ers footage:

  • Dubber

    The old 60 Y-Curl was a favorite at Franklin College, though we just called it “Falcon”……..Coach Leonard loves his flare control stuff, and will throw this from multiple formations (From Empty all the way to 21/22 personnel).

    A true favorite versus cover 4.

  • djl

    Hi Chris,

    You mentioned you’d have more to say about Oregon’s run schemes.

    If/when that happens, I’d love to read your thoughts about how facing a dominant defensive tackle like Nick Fairley would affect the Ducks’ inside read in their zone game. Does it benefit them to key their reads on a dominant DT knowing they’ll always be able to run away from him, or is his penetration likely to blow up the Oregon backfield before the quarterback can make his reads?

    As a Duck fan, I sort of felt like Ohio State’s D-Line penetration was the key factor in last year’s Rose Bowl. I’m a bit nervous about what Fairley could do this year.

    Thanks, I’ll hang up and listen to your answer on the radio. 🙂

  • djl: Penetration can definitely hurt, but, as a general rule, it’s easier to read a guy than it is to block him. I expect Oregon to turn Fairley loose a lot and try to use his aggressiveness against him. The only problem with that is Auburn’s whole defensive line is pretty solid.

    But you’re right: I expect Kelly to come out early with lots of sideline to sideline plays and to read Fairley quite a bit, in the hopes of wearing him down and taking the edge off, and hopefully thus equalizing things a bit.

  • DrB

    Good stuff, wish we had time to do some strategery stuff.