Smart Links – Strategery round-up – 10/1/2010

Great analysis of the Indy Colts offense from Mile High Report.

– Brophy’s blog (which has really become a group blog) with all kinds of good stuff. Brophy talks defensive trends, while Hemlock discusses “Match Zone or Match Man.” Hemlock:

I would rather face a match zone team as a Run-N-Shoot coach than a pattern reading – spot drop team (more on this formulation in my next post). Why? Pure and simple: match zone teams, especially those that are heavy fire zone ones, by and large, always end up, regardless of shell, in a 1 Hi look. I can thus tell my people to disregard the other 6 generic shells we use to categorize coverage and instruct them to focus their attention on attacking the technique of the defender charged with matching them. So, for all intent purposes, match zone takes the thinking out of things for my receivers because for as far as they’re concerned all they’re facing is man.

Also at Brophy’s site, check out Chris Vasseur’s bit on the 30 Dime Package. Finally, check out Brophy’s pieces (one and two) on TCU’s “2 Read” defense. (See also RUNCODHIT.)

– Great new site, great new taste. The folks from Buckeye Football Analysis joined the SB Nation mothership and have an excellent site, Along the Olentangy. All the posts are must reads, but check out the breakdowns of Tressel’s offense (including its development over the last season). Check out analysis of OSU’s dropback pass game, run game and run/pass balance, zone runs, the zone read, sprint-draw series, and early season offensive review. Whew. Thank me later.

– RockyTopTalk discusses Florida’s offensive woes. Not mentioned? Playing Kentucky.

– MummePoll is back! So go sign-up now, and read all about it here. Do. Go. Now.

– Not strategy related, but read this article from the NY Times Dealbook about the talented and prolific Aaron Nagler of CheeseheadTV.

  • David

    Lots of linky goodness! Thanks.

    And welcome back to frequent postings, too. You’ve been missed.

  • Teo

    Watching Florida’s offense reminds me of what you said about Chris Leak: there seem to be “fit” problems for Brantley, as in, he’s not a threat to run, and that slows down the entire offense.

  • Brandon

    the article on the Colts offense is a good read over the basics of what they do. ive always admired their offense and reminds me a lot of Leach’s. they may only have 12 plays or so they run a game but have the ability to check into any of them (or change a route or concept) at any time.

    the problem i often see is how they will kill a team with the same route/concept all game but rarely run any double move routes (like Sluggo) late in the game. wouldnt it make sense if you get 6 or 7 completions to the same guy on a slant (Reggie Wayne last week; 15 total catches) that you might run just 1 Sluggo late??