Smart Links – Solid Verbal, Roll Bama Roll, Algorithms, Kiffin – 5/22/2012

Me on the fantastic Solid Verbal Podcast, discussing Saban, Malzahn, Leach, Quarters coverage, my book, my preferred approach, and plenty more. Always a fun podcast to do.

Roll Bama Roll reviews The Essential Smart Football:

Obviously, The Essential Smart Football is about a lot more than just Alabama football and there is a ton to learn from this book once you get through the Saban-specific pieces. Brown’s articles look at a lot of trends and themes that affect the game as a whole examining how they came about and where they are likely to lead. The only thing more thought-provoking than the subjects he chooses are his insights on them (the pieces on the decision-making process of players and the “constraint theory” of offense being particularly interesting).

This is amazing.

This, on the other hand, is not very helpful.

Bribes and corruption in the other football.

At what reading level do national sports columnists write?

The algorithm arms race.

Ouch. Lane Kiffin on Steve Spurrier:

Since he was in high school, Kiffin has idolized the Head Ball Coach. He loved Spurrier’s innovative mismatch pass offense. Loved the visor. Loved the John Blutarsky pencils-hanging-out-of-nose attitude.

“Probably the best college coach there was,” Kiffin says.

  • I’m definitely intrigued with your into to your book. But I found myself watching the video of the unfolding origami rhino at least 5 times. That was truly amazing. Good luck with your book!

  • Noah Chestnut

    Comments below on your new Facebook page:

    What I would improve/work on:

    (1) Remove the link after posting. When you paste a link, the story (image, title, summary/intro) auto-populate. When you click “share” you are still including the original URL. You will need to delete this url by hand. It won’t remove the article/video you linked to. This is a pain, but it is better to write a sentence or two that intros the blog post or explains why you are posting than the original URL.

    (2) Images look great on FB, especially when compared to Twitter. I’d go heavy on your Madden-ified images and create galleries breaking down different schemes. Plenty to take from the archives. I can probably help find you an intern if you really want to build this out.

    (3) Tinker with the timing. I recommend using an app like buffer or hootsuite to schedule out your posts. I would wager that you would see more activity (likes) or at least reach when you post content at night or on a Sunday morning/early afternoon.

    (4) I would throw in a brief description of the book in the main description. “Chris Brown is the author of The Essential … an examination of ….” You get the idea. Right now, it is a little too vague and your post about the book will be pushed down over time.

    (5) Engage Grantland on Facebook. Post stuff to their page. 

    (6) Facebook nicely features YouTube videos. Post videos you find interesting. 

    (7) Polls. Use when tied to research for an article or when relevant to the news cycle. Wait until your audience hits 250. No one likes to be in a poll when it is them and 3 other people. 

    (8) Use the analytics Facebook provides. 

  • Ordered at my local store and got it under the price of your discount, sans shipping cost on my part, and tax included. Stacks of signed Grisham books are here, care to maybe make a trade?