Smart Links – Schiano’s waterworld, Clemson’s tackle over formation, Ronald Coase, Notre Dame clinic notes – 5/11/2012

Greg Schiano’s two-drink rule. I think this is fantastic: Every Tampa Bay Bucs player is required, during team meetings prior to workouts or practice, to drink two “drinks,” i.e. water or Gatorade. In modern football, meetings make up an ever larger portion of a player’s day, and increasingly the kind of technical “no-you-step-this-way” sort of teaching takes place in the meeting room, while watching film. As a result practices are more fast paced and frenetic than ever — every moment on the practice field is extremely valuable. And, of course, players’ health and hydration, particularly in places like Tampa Bay, are crucial. There’s not a pro, college, or high school team in the country that couldn’t have a manager put two cups of water at every single seat for meetings, with the requirement that players drink the water before heading off to practice. As Schiano says, “Doctors I’ve talked to say if you are too thirsty, it’s too late.”

Notre Dame’s 2012 football clinic notes. I was pleased to see new Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chuck Martin has added in the best new offensive idea of the last couple of seasons, the idea of “packaged concepts” that include run and pass plays in the same play.

Clemson’s tackle over formation.

Runningback drills.

Interview with economist Ronald Coase. He’s 101.

Three more concussion lawsuits filed versus the NFL.

In that vein, this week’s episode of Shutdown Fullback.

Paying free agent runningbacks.

Are smart phones spreading faster than any technology in human history?