Smart Links – QB Accuracy, Hook and Lateral, Free Shipping, Star Wars, Evaluating OLine, Wittgenstein – 3/8/2013

Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said that accuracy in a quarterback is overrated. Seriously.

ShakintheSouthland on the hook and lateral.

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College football’s best individual passing games since 2005. Also check out the best passing seasons since 2005.

– What was neoliberalism?

How Disney bought Lucasfilm. I enjoyed this; Bloomberg Businessweek has turned into a surprisingly good magazine.

Assembling the “billing block” as the bottom of movie posters.

Matt Waldman on the disconnect between evaluating and drafting talent.

Bruce Feldman always has interesting takes, this time on the low road many star NFL offensive linemen took to success:

[C]onsider this: of the six offensive tackles voted to the Pro Bowl, only one was considered a blue-chip tackle recruit — Joe Thomas of Wisconsin. The others: Duane Brown, the guy considered by many as the best tackle in football, arrived at Virginia Tech as a 3-star tight end; Ryan Clady to Boise State was a 2-star offensive tackle; Joe Staley was a 2-star tight end from Central Michigan; Russell Okung was a 250-pound offensive tackle ranked as a 3-star signed by Oklahoma State and Trent Williams was listed as a 3-star guard recruit for Oklahoma.

… Staley, an All-Pro the past two seasons for the 49ers, has provided quite an example for Fisher, other aspiring linemen and college recruiters, too. Jones says Fisher was a 225-pound tight end/track standout when they recruited him to CMU. But like Fisher, Staley had a great frame and a lot of grit. Staley actually caught 11 passes as a freshman at CMU before Jones told him they wanted to move him to the O-line.

“He went into a little depression for a couple of days,” Jones said, “but we told him down the road, you’ll thank us.”

Read the whole thing. I still think offensive line is a really difficult position for college coaches to evaluate and recruit, not least of all because the kids are still developing.

The science of sleeplessness.

A day in the life of a recruiting text specialist.

Was Wittgenstein right?

  • It would be easier to take Mornhinweg seriously if he didn’t think wind direction was more important than ball possession.

  • Wait. The Jets OC doesn’t think accuracy is important? Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow? Makes sense to me.

  • Da_Coach46

    Someone tell Feldman to talk to Brian Kelly about moving Joe Staley to tackle not Butch Jones…I’d also think we might want to mention Joe’s O-Line coach Jeff Quinn too as the people responsible for the position switch.

  • cwoz

    Great articles.
    I agree- Bloomberg is becoming a really great magazine.

  • Never really liked the term “neoliberalism” – I find it too vague. When we talk about Hayek, lets say Austrian School, when we talk about Friedman, lets say Chicago School, etc etc. A lot of times people describe me as neoliberal but I have a lot of issues with the way they handle money supply and things and individual mandates and things like this.

  • The guy who wrote the “neoliberalism” book is way off the mark. What he’s writing about are “neoconservative” values as constructed by the “New York Intellectuals” of the late 1960s – early 1970s. Like William Krystal. Talk about way off, man! Don’t buy the book.