Smart Links – Manti T’eo, Bobby Fischer, Dental Floss, Maryland QBs (or lack thereof), Aaron Rodgers – 10/31/2012

Manti Te’o is good at football (via reddit/cfb):

Yet an interesting stat is that T’eo only has one sack this year — but has five interceptions. I can say that while I always thought he was a nice player he looks like a completely different guy this season; much faster, tremendously productive, and much more under control. And the low sack total doesn’t surprise me, given that in Bob Diaco’s hybrid 3-4 scheme he likes to drop T’eo into coverage while blitzing one of his hybrid end/linebackers off the edge.

Mike Leach has a story about seeing what he thought was Bill Snyder going into a frat party (of course).

- Michael Weinreb has a (more normal) story about Snyder’s “Goals for Success”.

Valuation matters.

The FT on how to write a business bestseller.

Maryland’s top four quarterbacks are out for the season.

The danger of dental floss.

Jonathan Safran Foer on Bobby Fischer.

The plot to destroy America’s beer.

– Aaron Rodgers: To pass better we have to run better.

  • Andrew B. Lee

    I’m a lover of high-end beers, but the recent news that there’s no “objective” difference in tastes between different classes and “qualities” of beer leads me to ask whether the same is the case for beer.

    But the again, in the Businessweek article, the big-time fans of various craft and import beers seemed to be able to tell…