Smart Links – Holgorsen’s Dual-Threat QB, William Gholston, P.G. Wodehouse, Incompetents – 5/29/2012

My Q&A with Bruce Feldman on The Essential Smart Football, trends in college football, and what coaches I (and you, the reader) would most like to get drinks with.

Spencer Hall reviews TESF (in his own inimicable way).

Blutarsky reviews TESF.

So does Gregg Rosenthal at

Dana Holgorsen recruits a dual-threat quarterback.

Podcast with Kevin of No 2-Minute Warning.

Good read on Michigan State’s William Gholston.

The House that Christian Ponder Built.

An evening with Jose Conseco.

Scientific reasons why incompetents think they are awesome. Hopefully there is no irony with this article being linked to on Smart Football…

The Escapist: On P.G. Wodehouse.

  • Re Dunning-Kruger, I have often noted that people seem to believe that everyone else’s job is really easy. “Waiters? They just write things down on a little pad and carry plates.” “It’s a crime how lawyers charge $400 an hour just to fill out some boilerplate forms.” And, of course, on any given Saturday night there are 92,000 LSU fans who believe they know more about offensive football than Gary Crowton.

    On a related note, I recommend your site to anyone who will listen. But, on reflection, I don’t really know enough about football to be able to say with confidence “this guy – this is a guy who knows football.” All I really know is that you know more than me. It’s like how every college freshman thinks his professor is brilliant. Sure the professor is brilliant, compared to an 18 year old, but is he brilliant compared to other professors? How could the freshman even begin to judge that?

    Finally, unless you and Spencer have some blogger’s feud the rest of us don’t know about, East Coast rappers v West Coast rappers style, I doubt “inimicable” is the word you’re looking for. (See, I may not know much about football, but recognizing the Latin roots of obscure English words? Got ya covered).