Smart Links – Finebaum, Mazzone, Clemson, high-fives – 8/18/2011

An EDSBS commenter called in to the Paul Finebaum show multiple times, thus joining two of football’s greatest communities.

Hemlock on Noel Mazzone’s slide protection.

Will Leitch’s interview with Michael Vick.

And the Valley Shook prepares for LSU to play Oregon.

Coach Hoover on ball security.

Dacoachmo on sprint-out passing.

– Three from Shakin the Southland: New OC Chad Morris believes in guys earning their spots; review of Clemson’s second-scrimmage; and on the 3-4 switch and multiple fronts.

You must sign a contract to eat at this D.C. restaurant.

Counter iso from the flexbone.

Brian Cook of mgoblog is profiled.

Can math beat the financial markets? Short answer is no.

Can math be used to win at soccer? An apparently more difficult (and interesting?) question.

Better (and more) Social Bonuses.

History of the high-five.

Corruption, murder and the [other] beautiful game.

How to reshape the economy.