Smart Links – Finebaum, Mazzone, Clemson, high-fives – 8/18/2011

An EDSBS commenter called in to the Paul Finebaum show multiple times, thus joining two of football’s greatest communities.

- Hemlock on Noel Mazzone’s slide protection.

- Will Leitch’s interview with Michael Vick.

- And the Valley Shook prepares for LSU to play Oregon.

- Coach Hoover on ball security.

- Dacoachmo on sprint-out passing.

- Three from Shakin the Southland: New OC Chad Morris believes in guys earning their spots; review of Clemson’s second-scrimmage; and on the 3-4 switch and multiple fronts.

- You must sign a contract to eat at this D.C. restaurant.

- Counter iso from the flexbone.

- Brian Cook of mgoblog is profiled.

- Can math beat the financial markets? Short answer is no.

- Can math be used to win at soccer? An apparently more difficult (and interesting?) question.

- Better (and more) Social Bonuses.

- History of the high-five.

- Corruption, murder and the [other] beautiful game.

- How to reshape the economy.