Smart Links – Denard Robinson, Diamond Formation, Force Players, Dictionaries – 9/21/2012

Excellent Matt Hinton piece on Denard Robinson and Notre Dame.

- Oklahoma is using the Diamond formation again.

- Malcolm Gladwell on Jerry Sandusky.

- Excellent look at Ohio State’s problems against Cal with runs/formation strength into the boundary.

- Wars and Dictionaries.

- Is rap poetry, and why does it want to be?

- West Virginia freshman found out he had diabetes on the eve of signing day.

- I want this jacket.

- The Montana project.

- High school quarterback, coached by Todd Dodge, throws for 715 yards in a game.

- Rethinking Bob Rubin.

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  • Robert Horvath

    Speaking of dictionaries, I have to show one: – this is my project, the first and only hungarian AMERICAN FOOTBALL terminology :) (it contains more the 1350 terms – just skip the hungarian part, how many of these do you know?)

  • Owen Rosen

    Al Borges’ has been coaching Denard for 17 games now and has not yet allowed him to run an outside zone/stretch play. Denard was awful this past weekend but that type of stubborness is criminal when at one time you referred to it as ” probably the best play in college football right now.”