Smart Links – 1/4/2010

Spencer Hall eats with Charlie Weis and discusses whether it was a good hire for Florida. I think no one really knows. The minus is that he’s Charlie Weis and all that entails in terms of personality, baggage and the fit of his pro-style attack with Florida’s players. The big plus is that Charlie will get to focus on exactly what he wants to focus on: developing his decided schematic advantage and calling those plays. His job isn’t to be the head guy, an administrator, a schmoozer with the booster, but instead he’ll have his face buried in that Denny’s menu of the playcall sheet and just call plays. We’ll see how it works.

Virginia Tech got beat, but Tyrod Taylor had the play of the game:

Oregon working on trick plays. Chip Kelly? Shocker.

Andrew Gelman on statistics, over at FiveBooks. Interesting choices.

Brian speculates on Michigan, Harbaugh, etc. I have no idea what Harbaugh or Michigan will do, but if Rich Rodriguez goes I think the epitaph is that it’s no longer enough to be simply have a very good offense (of course it took Rodriguez awhile to get to that point, too). Rodriguez’s offense underperformed in the last few weeks of the year, but it was still an elite unit, especially if you discount turnovers (leaving aside whether you should). But Rodriguez is undone by organization, special teams, the general mood around the program and, most of all, defense. My takeaway is that if you want to be an offensive minded head coach and still call the plays, you need to make up your mind about your defense. You either hire someone who runs exactly what you want (a 3-3-5, in Rich Rod’s case) or you hire a guy and let him run his defense. Rodriguez’s approach was far too schizophrenic: switching to his preferred defense midseason or in the offseason, switching coaches, meddling here and there while not fully committing to that side of the ball. In 2004, 2005, when the spread was still ascendant, it may have been enough to call some really good plays and rely on talent on defense to carry you through. But in 2010, at Michigan, with a depleted roster, that’s not enough. Head coaches have to be head coaches, and coordinators must be coordinators. There will be counterexamples, but see my point above about Weis.

Is the iPad destroying the future of magazines?

  • Coryell15

    Coach Rodriguez would have done well to take Coach Chizik’s philosophy with Gus Malzahn to heart and focused on his role as HC and qquit trying to be Offensive GURU/ part time head coach. I am a lifelong Wolverine fan despite being an Ohioan, one thing you can bet on is Bo and Coach carr not trying to micromanage past the point of reason. You see operational flaws on a daily basis you comment on them and try correction through delegation of your authority, you cipher a systemic or philosophical failure you get a new subordinate to do their thing.

    The military or a successful logistical management theory are somehwat analagous to football in my experience and in each system your job at the top of the chain of command is to make sure your direct subordinates are making sure their subordinates are doing theirs. Rich Rod was far too wrapped up in bending the existing pieces at UM to his vision of what ‘football is” rather than adapting Rich RodBall to what UM was and building to his vision.

    Don Coryell comes to mind, he took “his system” and made it fit what his crew looked like and could do at SDSU, St Louis, and San Diego. Michigan pulled off some great smole and mirrors with their offensive ranking as they ran up their stats on second tier opposition but any time RodBall faced a first tier opponent it failed. Any coach who managed to turn Ryan mallet into a total persona non-grata is doing something wrong.

  • Coryell15

    sorry about the grammatical errors, and I am not trying to be “too fannish” Michigan is about my only sore spot on “not being able to let go” of being a fan first. I have been following Malzahn since he first left AR for Tulsa and was rather interested in how he and Auburn would work out. Like Chris real life kept me from posting but I stated to brophy over at Huey’s that if Malzahn was respected by Chizik they’d make a serious run at #1.

    Rich Rod is the darker side of the potential equation.

  • Jonathan B

    Would it be possible to repost this article with the images of the favorite roll-out plays? Some good stuff here.