Smart Links – 10/6/2011

Advice from Steve Jobs.

- The tire juke drill for runningbacks.

- Texas defensive coordinator Manny Diaz has no qualms about taking risks.

- History of the Erhardt-Perkins offense.

- Love the fullback pop pass.

- Re-conceptualizing the strong safety in the 46.

- Celtics great Bill Russell joins the lawsuit against the NCAA regarding the use of former players’ likenesses.

- Civil Rights leader Fred Shuttlesworth has passed away.

- Seth Davis, an intelligent guy, fails economics.

- Closing the book on Bryce Brown.

- A mixed bag, but a couple of these deleted scenes really are great.

  • guesti

    doesnt look too good for diaz tonight

  • John Phamlore

    Texas’s problems vs Oklahoma that made the game not even competitive fall squarely on the head coach Mack Brown who refused to make a decision about who is the quarterback of the team.  Everyone knows that when healthy a quarterback such as Peyton Manning demands all of the reps during practice, not out of selfishness, but because a quarterback and his receivers need all of the repetitions they can get so that in a game they can execute plays properly.

    A team with two quarterbacks is a team with zero quarterbacks.  It astonishes me that teams keep repeating the mistake of trying to alternate quarterbacks in a game who do not have defined and distinct roles.

    Tebow as a freshman running into the game to run a designed quarterback run is acceptable.  Tebow being asked to run the passing game similar to Leak would have been a travesty.