Smart Links – 10/11/2010

Why is Norm Van Brocklin still a record holder? Surprisingly thrilling romp through the record books, courtesy of Chase at the PFR Blog.

Modern thoughts on the trolley problem.

This article is indescribable, but I highly recommend it.

– I agree with Bill Simmons about the Pats’ handling of Randy Moss.

Hand-wringing, Texas Longhorns style.

I hear his next child will be named “Battery acid.”

  • Circa1015

    Chris, I’m curious about your thoughts on GD. Most of Longhorn Nation has had problems with him for years, as his playcalling has pretty much always been as poorly thought out and misguided as it is in the article you posted. Now that Texas is 3-2 (and looking at 3-3 barring a big upset in Lincoln on Saturday) the conversation has turned from merely grumbling about the man to genuinely wanting him fired, to the extent that some want Mack gone because of the belief that Greg Davis isn’t going anywhere as long as Mack is the head coach. The response to that (almost more contrarian out of requirement than anything) is that Texas has had an incredible run of 10 win seasons, is 3-1 in BCS games, and has been to two national championships and won one of them with Greg Davis as offensive coordinator. The anti-GD camp believes that the team achieved those results with sheer talent and GD’s QB-developing abilities, and largely in spite of his abilities as an offensive coordinator.

    I’m assuming you’ve watched at least a decent amount of Texas in the last few years, and they’ve enjoyed success behind their two Heisman-finalist quarterbacks, but would you agree that the criticisms being thrown at Greg Davis are warranted, or does he actually run a good scheme and is being blamed for issues that are not actually his fault? Personally I’ve been more of an apologist for him over the last few years, but last year with a senior Colt McCoy there were very few games where the offense lived up to their potential, and seemed to fall further into the corner of “Colt to Shipley” as GD ignored other elements of the offense that weren’t working as well, which I believe has had poor long term consequences.

  • Marion

    One thing not considered in the trolley puzzles is that doing anything is changing the outcome by your own actions. The impending victims may have done something to put themselves in the situation. I sacrifice the big man to save the five careless ones, who next walk away into heavy traffic, being hit by cars. Possibly, someone put them there to kill them,so he shoots them next week and now six are dead.
    We are working with incomplete data and our decisions are part luck. Unfortunately, much of life is this way.