Shameless self-promotion

Apologies for the slow blogging the last few days. I was traveling quite a bit and have been spreading myself a little thin . . . . I have contributed to a few things elsewhere, so check them out:

  • OldSouth

    No such thing as self-promotion. I probably visit your site more than anyone else* and I’m unaware of anything you post unless it’s on here, EDSBS, or Dr. Saturday

    *as judged by my prolific comments that inadvertently reflect my woeful lack of understanding of football

  • Homyrrh

    ^^^Ah, fallacious.

    Chris, do you make a living off of this? The sheer volume of work overwhelms any rational comprehension of mine as to how you could run the blog, guest spot on so many other (genuinely respectable) sites, and still hold down a 9-5 or whatever. From Thursday night through Monday night, I can’t even get myself to open my Differential Equations book, let alone actually do work or study…


  • What are you referring to as fallacious? OldSouth’s post that he comments here?

    Anyway, no, this is not my job. I’ve had the opportunity to work a post this past year that afforded me a lot of time to write. I will make an announcement on the site, but I start a new job Nov 2 that might (severely) restrict my writing time. If you’re determined to know more email me.

  • BC


    I understand you practice law. So do I. I would imagine that if you are getting into practice as a litigator, you’ll be spending more time writing briefs, depo summaries, and outlines of various nature. Not to mention the ever important billable time entry. Ugh! Anyway, I appreciate the good, insightful work you do here. Hope you find some time to keep writing on football. I very much appreciate your analytical view of the game, and the insightful discussion it generates.


  • OldSouth

    Damn. I ought to start networking the comments section harder.

    “1L finds summer employment via message board.” Sounds like a future Career Services joke at orientation.

  • Homyrrh

    Yes, I was jesting that OS read the site more often than anyone else. Obviously kidding.

    No, I didn’t want to pry or anything ,especially if you already say you’re getting a job. Congrats. I just find it incredible that you could post as much around the pigskin blogosphere and still hold down the fort. Thanks.

  • Scott


    Thanks for the great breakdown of this with the Vikes and your other X’s and O’s work. Reading your Percy article brought a question to mind: What is the “nut-and-bolts” critique of receivers coming out of Meyer’s offense. We’ve heard the pundits say his receivers will struggle in the NFL. Why? A post, dig, curl route, etc, are the same in college as in the NFL. In addition, receivers, as in some other offenses have options as to which route to run based on coverage. This can only help, right? I guess I’m missing something here.

  • OldSouth

    Scott, my guess is that a lot of speed guys and college were able to get by on their speed alone in college and never developed good technique on their release moves. They need that technique against stronger, faster, more sound corners who will jam them. Timing seems to be of more import in the NFL, and if a receiver can’t beat jams, the effect is more crippling in the NFL.

    I don’t know if any of that criticism applies to Percy. I don’t know anything about how good or bad his technique is. But the stuff above is what you usually heard applied to speed guys and Percy definitely has the speed that might cause some to put him in the speed guys category.

  • Brad

    Chris, interesting stuff on former Stoops guys hiring Air Raid guys.

    Why do you think that Stoops himself went away from the Air Raid after Mangino left? I mean they had just won a national championship with it, and they have not won one since (not that offense has been necessarily the problem).

    I have always wondered why they didn’t elevate another internal guy or hire a former Leach or Mumme assitant.