Oklahoma and a walk on the outside

Links to two bits of mine that appeared today:

  • OldSouth

    I think I saw a counter in the Oklahoma clip (around :55) you put up that was interesting. Is that used as a sort of constraint play when the defense starts to overreact to the IZ/OZ/Power plays?

    Also, I think the heavy sets in the Wildcat and in run offenses like Florida are an interesting shift paradigmatically. All that philosophical rage about the spread two years ago was “getting athletes out in space,” in one on one matchups on the perimeter. Now we seem to be having more of an emphasis on tight sets with sophisticated blocking schemes.

    And my usual disclaimer: everything I know about football I know from two years of middle school playing, AFCA clinic writeups, and tecmo super bowl, so I apologize if I wrote something silly. Just trying to learn.

  • OURog

    Much of OU’s success last year was based on the flexibility of its personnel. They could go 2 TEs in a tight formation on one play and then 20 seconds later be running another play with Gresham split out wide in a spread formation. Losing Gresham has been HUGE for the offense, because in addition to being a significant threat in the passing game, he was a very good blocker and was a big lift for the running game.

    OU this year has started to adjust (out of need) to more of a traditional spread offense. The results so far have not been that good, but Bradford looked pretty good last week and if the WRs can make catches, they should be able to move the ball okay.