Of Malzahn and Miami, a look backward and forward

A couple of stuff from me from around the web:

  • Chris, you’re simply killing me. How are you so prolific? I’ve been working on a very similar piece on Malzahn’s running game for weeks now, but I can’t find time to get the damn thing finished. Now, you’ve beaten me to it and you did such a great job (much better than I was doing) that I don’t know if I’m going to bother finishing now. Seriously though, it was a great read, as usual. If I ever get around to writing mine, I’ll give the link. Great job.

  • Malzahn is a genius. Running him off was the worst thing Houston Nutt could have done, a solid reason for firing any head coach.

  • Hi Chris,

    Great breakdown of the Hokies’ plan of attack against Miami. I think your last point is most important, though. Miami had no shot in that weather.

    Thanks for the good work.

  • alan jones

    Thank you for a great read on malzahn. As a life long auburn fan I hope we can retain him for at least 3 years. I think auburn will be facing the same problem it faced when petrino was our oc. One year and done on to a head coaching job. Do u think the title of coach in waiting would work since chizik has only one year in as the head coach. It would not make since to already name a replacement. Also I dont think the fisher and muschamp situations are working well for those coaches. If I were muschamp making a million with the promise of texas job vs chizik 5and 0 making 2million and establishing himself in the coaches world who made the best move. The fact is I really really really want malzahn to stay at what ever cost.

  • Gabe

    Not sure if the titles matter much, but hopefully a big raise for Malzahn will keep him around. If Chizik just forgoes all his upcoming raises and puts them on Malzahn it would be the best career move Chizik could make…whatever he can to do keep Gus happy. Please Gus & Gene, work together and you will have a great career without having to move your families all over again.

    Gus, you don’t really want to have to worry about defense and special teams and players getting in bar fights do you? become a head coach and you’ll have to spend more time backslapping at boosters clubs and less time being a genius.