New Grantland Blog: LaGarette Blount and the Power O

It’s up over at Grantland:

The game-winning play is one of the oldest plays in football, and is used at every level, from high school to the NFL: the “Power” or “Power O” play. It’s called “power” because the goal for the offense is to get extra blockers to the point of attack, i.e. where the ball is going, to simply outnumber the defense. (It also sounds tough, and coaches like that.) There’s more strategy on why teams like to go to the power play on a given down and distance as opposed to a zone run (as we saw this season with Darren McFadden), but there’s no question it was the better look against the Colts on Blount’s 35-yard touchdown run.

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  • Mr.Murder

    The Bucs backside linemen started hunching their backs and setting deeper, getting ready to pull or replace pullers. Gruden even noted they were not disguising their intent. My guess was to show Power O and go Power O until the placement is right for a play pass fromsolid FG range. Then go back to the Power O from that to finish off the game clock. Indy was too tired to even make it that point by then, the Power O calls won the game.

  • Daretocriticize

    the game was never in doubt……The bucs are hidng a weak qb….a weak qb that nobody in the media will dare criticize…….(proving limbaugh right once again)
    Blount , stocker and williams are what make that team go….. and when the bucs learn they that blount is the engine, and giving him the ball is  the driver, they will win games much easier.

  • Db36jp78

    this is the infamous “dave” that lead ysu and osu to national championships under tressel

  • Kalon Jelen

    Blount’s story is even more perfect with the Boise incident. He had a huge temper and lost it in dramatic style on national television. His coach suspended him for the season and then decided that he should have the right to earn it back. He had a baby and being a father changed and mellowed him, he worked hard during the season and got back to have a big impact in the deciding game for the Rose Bowl berth.

    So here’s a guy who messes up, then sees being a dad as a big deal and does something about it. Who convinces his coach not to ruin his potential NFL career (before that punch he was talked about as an easy first-rounder). Who has the backing of his entire team, including LaMichael James – who wouldn’t have gotten his big break without Blount getting suspended. He comes back to a huge cry of applause and success and then makes it big in the NFL after showing what he can legitimately do. That’s like a movie plot, right there.