Mike Leach fired “for cause”

Mike_Leach_surrounded_by_microphonesMike Leach, the quirky head coach of Texas Tech, has been fired following a wild few days of accusations, suspension, and a lawsuit over his alleged mistreatment of Craig James’s son, Adam James. Others closer to the program will have to chime in, but my sense is that Adam James was a problem player (see these emails on CBS’s website from former players and various coaches), and that as a result a frustrated Leach set out to embarrass Adam James (who showed up to practice wearing sunglasses) by telling him to stand in the dark during practice rather than skip out completely. It clearly was an error in judgment on Leach’s part: Players may act up, but as long as you’re the head coach, you have to take the higher road. Although I honestly doubt whether this would have happened were it not for the volatile mixture of Leach, Adam and his father Craig James, and the acrimonious state of Leach’s and the athletic director’s relationship, Leach opened the door by making an example of the player.

So that’s how we got to the point where Leach is no longer the head coach. The lingering question is whether Tech had grounds to fire him “for cause,” as is being reported. If Tech fired him without cause, it would be required to pay him $1.6 million ($400,000 for the four remaining years on his contract) as a lump sum. (Leach’s camp claims that he will be entitled to the $800k owed to him if he were still the coach on December 31, citing the language in the contract about 10 days. I’m not so sure: that language allows the coach to “cure” violations that can be cured within 10 days, before firing him. Instead, he has already been fired. But that’s a negotiating point, which I’ll address in a moment.)

Leach’s contract is interesting on a number of levels — it is heavily incentive oriented, and has a variety of non-traditional terms — but it works like most college head coaching contracts in that there are separate outcomes if the coach is fired “for cause” or “without cause.”

“Cause” is defined as “Coach’s violation of any material provision of this Agreement (with specific reference to Article IV.” “Article IV” lays out most of the duties and restrictions put on the coach, and is worded very broadly and vaguely. It directs Leach to “conduct himself at all times in a manner consistent with his position as an instructor of students” (the Mike Price provision), to “follow all applicable University policies and procedures,” and to “devote his entire time, labor, effort and attention, in good faith, to conduct and perform the duties commensurate with the position of Head Football Coach.”

I don’t think the University will focus on those. Instead I anticipate them to focus on this clause: “Coach shall assure the fair and responsible treatment of student-athletes in relation to their health, welfare and discipline.” Did he not give Adam James fair treatment? That’s unclear. Adam James claimed to suffer from a concussion, and, contrary to Craig James’s assertions, there is nothing detrimental to a player’s health about being isolated in a dark equipment shed or media room. Yet it does sound something akin to punishing an injured player, and I expect the University to take the position that Leach was trying to deter injured players from coming forward or not participating. That might have some weight.

The other side of the coin is obviously that Leach seemed not to really believe Adam James; that he was reputed to be lazy; and that Leach’s policy was that if you are injured you must still participate in practice and cannot simply go back to your dorm room. Interestingly (or tellingly, for both sides) I’ve yet to see an official report from a trainer or anyone besides the James family that said James was not cleared to play, and I’ve heard mixed things coming from Texas Tech — both that he was cleared to play and Leach was just playing along, or that he wasn’t and so Leach didn’t make him practice but did make him stand in the shed and media room.

The contract also states that violations of these provisions must be either “willful or through negligence,” which means two things: Leach did not have to intentionally try to harm or damage James, but they must show that his conduct was actually detrimental to him in some way. I take it that their argument will be that Leach, even if he didn’t think what he was doing was wrong, sent the wrong message to James and the rest of the team that injuries and concussions won’t be taken seriously and that they should rush back to practice. Leach will dispute that and say he did nothing wrong to James at all, and in any event under the circumstances (James’s history and reputation especially), he acted reasonably.

In the end, you assert that you’re firing someone “for cause” because why wouldn’t you? If you say without cause at the outset, you automatically have to pay. (Note too that it sounds like the University tried to get Leach to sign an “apology” letter that quoted from the contract, which would have been used against him as an admission as having violated it and thus giving them permission to fire him for cause.) But that doesn’t mean you always fight it out to the end. My guess is that the University will pay Leach something but it will be less than the $1.6 million they initially said they owed him. This is not a Mark Mangino case where a lot of people came out in favor of firing the coach, nor is it a situation where the coach did something disreputable in his personal life or committed NCAA infractions. If Tech wants Leach gone — and many in the athletic department clearly do — they have a right to, but I’d be surprised if Leach got nothing. He’ll just get a lot less than he was set to make a week ago.

  • Gus Mitchem

    So now as a fan and alum, to root for Leach is to root against the University and to root for the University is to root for the spoiled kid and his crooked Daddy.
    The Universtiy leadeship takes an interesting role putting itself in opposition of I would say 98%-100% of its own fan base.

    The death of the most unique football program in the modern era is something that I cannot currently comprehend. The idea that it was brought down like this is disgusting, why cant we be ruined by hookers and blow like all good programs.

  • Jim

    Clearly driven by “daddy.” First we get too much parental involvement in little league football prgrams. Then, we get it in the high school programs. Now, big daddy has made sure it can be seen in D1 football programs. Whats your bet for how long we sit before we see parents complaining about their NFL sons and the way they may be treated? Yeah, it was a strange thing Leach did-like the guy he made study in the middle of the football field because he wouldnt do it anywhere else a few years back. But, so what? There’s no harm done here except to toughen up a few lazy guys. Im not aware of any other player/coach incident involving Leach in his tenure as a coach, which makes the whole thing a little out of place. Shame on Craig James, but, Im afraid he’s to stupid, proud or arrogant to even recognize what he has done for his son. This is not the way to draw attention to your son who isnt getting enough playing time.

  • beermotor

    Doesn’t TTU open the door to a retaliatory termination suit, what with the whole serve the termination letter on the guy’s attorney at the TRO hearing for the suspension? I ain’t an employment attorney, but it sure looks like bad facts to me.

  • I’m still not sure how you get dismissed absent of anything even remotely resembling an actual investigation….

  • chris

    …and now the James family has destroyed 2 programs in the state of Texas…

  • Rob1855

    Well played, Chris.

  • thanks for information , keep writing

  • Gus Mitchem

    Check out the TTU Response, great details from the University side of the story. Also includes the letter(pg 12 or 13 of PDF) he was asked to sign by U Pres on Sunday. Not an admission of guilt or suspension only that an investigation was ongoing and to follow policy and consult with doctors.

    Guess he was really a Pirate afterall he didnt even want to submit to the University President.

  • Brandon

    Great analysis. Reading the Motion for TRO, I think it’s clear that Mike Leach was trying to get them to fire him. Paragraph 7 basically invites Tech to fire him rather than risk him being reinstated by the court for the bowl game. If I didn’t want Leach to get fired, I probably would have drafted that paragraph much differently. Now that he is terminated “for cause” Tech will have to justify it’s position based on information obtained as of this morning. Any information obtained post-termination will be much more difficult to use to support the termination.

  • Gus Mitchem

    When it all comes out Im sure there will be some sort of insubordination not the James issue.

  • Jay

    This brings to mind the firing of Ohio State basketball coach Jim O’Brien. The jist of that was the university acted too quickly in firing the coach by not waiting on the NCAA to rule. I would think this is some what similiar as the investigation was not complete and therefore, TTU could not state he had violated his contract. Jim O’Brien collected the remainder of his contract, nearly 3 million.

  • James

    Leach either wanted to be fired or was supremely ignorant to the consequences when he refused to submit to the university’s desires for an investigation.

    The Adam James’ situation is almost non-important for the “for-cause” trial. I assume the university will point to Leach’s insubordination in hindering the investigation, thus granting Tech a legitimate “cause” for terminating his contract.

  • Mel

    At this point, it’s painfully obvious that the TTU athletic department was seaching for a cause to get rid of Leach, and snapped on the opportunity of the Adam James affair.

    That being said, it was a mind-numbingly stupid move, and they’ll only realize when their millions in alumni endorsements are flying out the door.

  • orange peel

    “2 F’BALL PROGRAMS IN TEXAS RUINED” ???????????????


  • David

    Yes, Craig James has now helped destroy two D-1 programs in Texas. And, yet he says on ESPN that his concerns are those of a “dad” and he “feels” for the Tech fans but his family has been through a lot. Bull! His family has not been through anything. They have a spoiled brat for a son who could not earn any D-1 football offers, got Texas Tech to accept him, and then when he could not cut it on the field, went crying to the university. And, shame on the university. If Leach really did something wrong, then, come out and say so. Putting a spoiled brat in his place does not qualify as “cause” and the Tech program will be set back at least 5 years or more. Perhaps, that is James’ real motivation. He wanted to bring Tech down to SMU’s level!

  • Jude

    Well said David.

    I Think that daddy James has been way too over protective of his son. Let him grow up and make his mistakes and suffer his consequences for them.

    All that Craig James did is put himself in the limelight and most likely tag his son so that he wont have a football career after college.

    If I was a pro football coach, I certainly dont want a lazy player and certainly not one that runs to daddy when he cant get his way!

    I think TTU should get rid of Meyers, he has been there way too long and his mind set is what is holding back the sports programs there.

    They ran off the best women’s BB coach-forced retirement, all for what, they didnt want to pay her as much as the men’s BB coach.

    I wouldnt want to even say that I went to that school now, it is an embarassement!

  • Peter Maloney

    While cretinous alumni like the unbelievably idiotic Gus Mitchem are sure to be upset, Texas Tech did the right thing. The NFL is finally coming to terms with the seriousness of concussions. Trying to humiliate an injured athlete is no way to run a program.

  • Shaz

    Mike Leach will land on his feet somewhere. This sounds like a lazy, entitled, know-it-all, rich kid that tried to use his daddy’s name to get ahead.I don’t agree with locking him in the closet as punishment, when he should have just told him to take a hike. Shame on him and the university for getting rid of a quirky, but great coach. My guess is Adam James will probably quit football & get into some trouble in the coming months, then look for someone else to blame…….what a bum! When your ex-teammates write letters about how lazy and negative you were, that speaks volumes to how little character this kid must have.

  • David Shea

    Could This Be All About Poor Character, Big Egos, Agendas and Opportunity?

    I would have preferred to wait until all the facts were known before I expressed my views, but out of the unbridled nepotism and an unbelievable level of ignorance as demonstrated on ESPN’s radio talk that I briefly listened to at around 100PM EST, 12/30/09, ESPN has chosen to call the James-Leach incident as a closed case against Leach. So, I decided to weigh in with another possible scenario.

    This whole situation defies common sense. First, on so many levels no coach in his right mind would knowingly treat a player with a concussion in this way, let alone a kid with direct access to the media. Leach doesn’t appear to me to be out of his mind, nor does he have a history of this kind of behavior as far as I can tell. Second, it’s unlikely that other parties to the situation would be complicit or allow these things to happen to a player with such an injury. No, this whole situation seems to me to be a product of poor character, big egos and agendas.

    Is it possible that this a case where (1) A spoiled young man with a big ego and sense of entitlement, unaccustomed to not getting his way, saw an opportunity for retribution and embellished? (2) A hovering Craig James who perhaps has not been permitted to influence Leach’s program which pressed on his ego causing him to impulsively jump on the first opportunity to nail Leach? (3) University honchos, who probably have their own inflated egos, who already had a strained relationship with Leach, seeing the opportunity to fire him for cause and not pay his $800k bonus?

    The truth will come out. There are too many people who have been exposed to young James’ level of integrity and character, and those who have direct knowledge of the events. If it breaks the way I think it will, Leach will be vindicated and will ultimately sue the University and the James family. Adam James will lose his scholarship from the only D1 team that apparently would have him only after his father’s direct lobbying, and Craig James, who seems to me to be the real culprit, the one that appears to have acted most immaturely and egregiously, who should have known better given his son’s history of questionable behavior and yet let his agenda and his ego take over, might just lose his position with ESPN because of a loss of credibility and abuse of the power of his position.

    One more note on Craig James and ESPN. In his nationally televised interview, on ESPN of course, he “sincerely” looked into the camera said “as a dad” he did what he did to protect his son and the other players. Give me a break. Has any other father had to step in as such during Leach’s coaching history? In my book, this is as disingenuous as it gets and explains a lot about where Adam James get’s his character. Finally, ESPN should be ashamed of being complicit in trashing Leach’s reputation before the facts are known especially when the allegations don’t smell quite right. Would it have pursued this story in the same way if it hadn’t involved a member of the family?

    ESPN won’t be sued because of the “absence of malice” argument that is impossible to dispute. I don’t agree as I’ve heard plenty of malice. Has little ESPN become too big for its britches? I don’t see that the James family enjoys the same protection. Their malice is obvious. No, I think Craig James and his son are already beginning to realize that they’ve buried themselves under a very large pile of _ _ _ _!

  • mlc0808

    Craig James’ statement on his bully pulpit/ESPN confuses me: An M.D. (not an athletic trainer) cleared the kid to attend practice. I have seen no reports that he was asked to participate only comply with a team policy that injured players attend practice. So what is so ‘dangerous’ to a player with a concussion in standing on a sideline?

    I understand the seriousness of concussions — as a football coach I have pulled kids who complained of concussion symptoms (as vague as ‘I have a headache’) in the interest of taking the most conservative response even when their parents told me they thought they should play — but I don’t understand how either being at practice, or standing in a climate controlled room while being monitored by staff members endangered this player.

    Craig James should be ashamed of himself. Adam James, however, will bear the brunt: he has to face his teammates (many of whom have spoken out publicly about his character and work ethic) and is unlikely to find another program who will take him now with the baggage of a hovering, interfering parent who thinks his media job puts HIM in a position to run YOUR program from the studios in Bristol.

  • Sam

    ESPN could make their “problems” go away by offering to Leach to be the Sunday Conversation … he may not take it, but offer it and withdraw from making the news …

    On a related note, does anyone else think ESPN “announcers” — like Chris Fowler, Jesse Palmer and Craig James on tonight’s Holiday Bowl — spend too much time fawning over players and having an opinion about everything rather than describing and analyzing the action?

  • Brian,

    You may already be working on this but I would sure be interested in your views on whether Mike Leach’s system is applicable to the NFL.

    Now that he’s available…

  • No more kool aid

    You Tech fans need to chill. Leach is captain insano. He humiliated an injued player to satisfy his own ego. The kid told dad. Dad got pissed and complained like most of you would have. Dad prob had no intention of this snowballing because he had no idea the TT admin wanted Leach gone and would use his kid as a smoke screen.

    Go read the comments by the current TT players about Jones’ treatment. They are solidly behind him and anti- Leach. What does that say about about the kid being lazy?

    Final note. Leach is a known drunk. He pukes at drive thrus and is usually well lubricated. Don’t be surprised if stories of his exploits come out during all the acrimony

  • Buzz

    ESPN has too much power . . .

  • chris

    Look at the players who have made comments supporting James and what role they have on the team. One of which was suspended twice while at the “U”. Sharp contrast from players in the nfl,cfl, and former players who have come in defense of Leach. Of course it sounds like you’re going off of what ESPN has reported. If you are going to come out and make comments like that kool aid, you might also want to see the other side of the story in terms of players/coaches supporting Leach. As for the drunk comment, what does that have to do with this story? I’m just saying, it doesn’t seem to have any relevance with the topic. I just wonder if this was some kid from Denton whos dad was a car salesman would this be an issue? Ahhhh the joys of nepotism…

  • Mark

    Buzz, I completely agree that ESpin has far too much power now. Sadly you’ll never get rid of them due to the fact they’ve dug in so deep into the sports landscape.

    I’ve seen the building he was stuck in and it was not that bad. There was some obvious friction at TTU with Leach last year as Leach held off his contract talks till the very last second and said he was interested in Washington and Auburn coaching jobs. That typically doesn’t make the administrative staff like you. I believe this was more an excuse to get him out of the door as some of the powers that be at TTU did not like him.

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Leach would rather pursue the suit even if that means he has to risk getting nothing. If I were suing I’d add a claim for defamation and name the AD, Texas Tech, the Chancellor, Adam James, Craig James, ESPN, and Disney. Personally, I’d love to see this.

  • Jonesie

    I am trying to be objective here, but there has to be much more to the story that we actually seeing.

    If the story that the James family are spinning is true, Leach should receive a strong reprimand and perhaps dismissal, even though all parties lose in that situation. If Leach was directed to apologize and did not, he is insubordinate. As Chis states in the article above, legally this may not have been an option for Mike Leach, so you get what we have here today.

    Here is my problem with ESPN (Jeremy Schaap (sp?) excluded. He seems to be trying to gain both sides of this story.):

    1) Where are the medical experts? How come there hasn’t been a Neurologist that deals with concussion injuries weighing in with the latest treatment options? My guess is that they may suggest that removing a player from stimulus is a good option. That would not help Craig James and his assertions.

    I am a currently a High School Football coach who has a fair amount of experience at the college level (7 years). The treatment of concussions has changed drastically in the last two to three years. Now players if diagnosed with any level of concussions (there are 3 levels, level 1 being the “mild” version) are out of sports for 7 days from the last time they athlete suffered any symptoms. So mild or not James was probably not even cleared to exercise. Schaap reported that injured athletes at TTU are required to be at practice even if they are injured. Should Leach have violated this policy? Would that be insubordination also?

    My players who have been diagnosed with concussions are now being asked to stay home from school for a few days to give the time to heal and not be over-stimulated. I recall Tim Tebow talking about his concussion and stating that he was in his room for a few days, with the lights off and no TV or radio. If there is sensitivity to light, as reported on ESPN, then removing the player from the light seems to make sense.

    2) Mark Schleareth’s (sp) passion for this issue is making me wonder if he is really a reliable source of information. I don’t know, but he seems to be an “agent” of the James family in this issue. On the other hand, he may be placing himself in Craig James’ position, he is a pretty passionate guy.

    He has tried and convicted Leach based on the James family version of the events. He asserts that if you are a parent you can not agree with what Leach did. I agree, if James was locked in a room, any room and required to stand for 2-3 hours.

    First of all, there is no way that James was standing for that long with no one watching him. There have been reports that he doesn’t do what he is asked when authorities are right there, so he wasn’t standing for three hours, I don’t believe it.

    M.S. also asks if other people were treated in the same manner? This is a fair question, that I am interested in hearing an answer. Schaap had no idea. Certainly, there have been other TTU players with concussions this year how were they treated?

    M.S. asks another fair question:”Why not send him to the training room instead?” Very fair, but flawed. Training rooms are usually very bright and very busy places. This is not the environment that is recommended in the new concussion protocols.

    How would I feel if my daughter were treated this way? You had never lock my daughter up! But did this really happen? Even with out a locked room, if you made her go to a dark room for hours, you’d better justify your actions. I do think that this may actually be possible. I would still be lobbying for her to be in a comfortable place, if not her room (lack of monitoring) then perhaps a quite film room, etc.

    My hypothesis:

    There is a problem player, with has a powerful parent, who has been trying to influence the TTU program. I would imagine that Leach wanted James to transfer or quit, because who needs these head-aches?

    Leach and the people surrounding him, see an opportunity to make a James as miserable as he has been making them, and treat him in a manner that is inconsistent with how others have been treated. I think that Leach was counting on the fact that he was not actually harming the student in a physical way and thought he could weather the storm. Bad choice Mike, you gave people (the James family and TTU administration) who want to shoot arrows at you, the the bow to do it with! Send him home, take away playing time and/or suggest he transfer. If he does none of these do what you can to pull his scholarship, if he has one. Come on, you appear to be brighter than this.

    Leach and TTU have such a lack of trust in the relationship, that a resolution could not be reached.

    What a mess! Everybody loses.

    TTU saves money in the short run. But, there are very likely slip in results and become a lesser program again. Oops there goes those dollars and national recognition that you have gained.

    The James family is disgraced. Craig James credibility is shot. Adam James is done. There is bound to be at least half of the team who will never want to even look at him again. Walking around campus will be tough. How will the other students view him? If you are the new coach, wouldn’t you offer to “help” him transfer to a place that will offer him a new start? Who is going to want him on their team? Do you want a high maintenance player who has been the catalyst for the last coach’s removal on your team?

    Mike Leach has seen his reputation irreparably damaged whether the story is true or not. He will land on his feet, but he will never earn the same money and latitude that he had at TTU. Sorry Mike Leach, I have been a huge fan, but I dont see any other options but to let you go. Good luck, but if you think you had restrictions at TTU, wait until you see your next contract.

  • Larry Brotzman

    Sure Mike Leach has an ego problem. What D-1 coach doesn’t. As for
    Adam James, he will try to transfer to another program, I don’t see him staying at TT on the team. Comments from other players, coaches, and people familiar with TT Football agree that James was not putting forth the effort required by the team. Coach Leach may have been
    trying to motivate James to give him a chance to step up.
    As to the concussion issue, my high school football coach gave me HHell for not telling him of a probable concussion in a playoff game I didn’t want to come out. I spent three days sitting in the locker room
    during practice for the next playoff game. One day was for punishment for the ommission, the other two because my coach was concerned for my health. I was allowed to attend practice after but was held out of contact for the rest of the season.
    Mike Leach is a great coach and not stupid. Guess we’ll never know if TT can finally become a contender in the BCS, because the next coach will always be looking over his shoulder and checking his contract to make sure that he is following orders and keeping his prima donnas in
    TT football was fun to watch, and will now fall back to the status of
    TA&M, Baylor, and the other alsorans in the Big 12.

  • Aboojum

    TT was Leach. I think we can all agree on that. TT without Leach is Baylor. Which is, in my mind, about where they really belong. I look for them to become a 6-6 team with 75% occupancy on game day now. They may pop an 8-4 here or there and sell out the Ou or Texas home game, but people liked watching this man and his team. The entertainment side of college sports is real, and Leach was a master of it.

  • What’s shocking most about this story is the shameful job ESPN has clearly decided to go in.

    From Holtz, May, Fowler, Herbstreit, Corso, and Howard, they all continue to parrot the shrilling for TT admin and the James family, by endlessly repeating the initial claims from James, while dismissing, slighting, and or otherwise not mentioning the facts and testimony that have come out on this matter. They have TMZ’ed this situation into a level of caustic intellectual dishonesty and misrepresentation to the detriment of maintaining any future credibility in ‘reporting’ sports

  • i just watched the video on youtube! Now Leach has more time to spend in extra activities.

  • Peter Maloney

    Mike Leach is a whining psycho who’s willing to throw
    his players, their parents and his school under the bus
    to salvage his own ego. Is it any surprise that some of
    coaches are willing to back him up? Their whole careers
    are tied to him. They know Leach’s replacement is likely
    to bring in his own people. As to James being a spoiled
    rich kid,Leach is a millionaire who’s lost all touch with
    everyday folks. His supporters should be happy that he’ll
    have a more time to pretend he’s a pirate.

  • Topher


    Take a deep breath…none of your wild allegations are backed up. If anyone has been shown to be an egomaniac it’s Craig James – calling Leach, his assistants and administrators to beg for playing time for his son, and when that didn’t work, using his bully pulpit at ESPN to claim he’s purely a victim.

    Leach runs a tight ship (pirate he is, of course) but if you read up on him he’s far down the list in terms of egomaniacal coaches. His looseness and bizarre sense of humor that he freely shared with the media were evidence of a style unlike humorless, control-freak coaches like Lou Holtz, Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. He’s closer to normal people than they are.

    I’m sad the coaching world will be losing an original, at least for a little while.

  • LAW

    I’m a Michigan State fan that didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the details of the Leach issue until the bowl game today. All I can say is that the treatment of Leach by both TTU and ESPN is disgraceful. It was great to see the TTU fans supporting Leach at the game today and not lapping up the BS spin that ESPN is desperately trying to dish out.

  • Chico’s Bail Bonds

    Leach has no one to blame but Leach. First, you don’t make an example, punish, embarass, or otherwise single out a player with a concussion — period. Second, Mike refused to adopt guidelines for the treatement of players with concussions. By doing so, he gave TT the perfect excuse to fire him.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if James was a pain in the rump, or if his father meddled. So what? If a player has a concussion, you have to be aware of the message you’re sending the rest of the team. If that message could possibly be construed as “play through it,” then you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

    So why not let James get over the concussion and then either: 1) hand him his transfer papers; 2) bench him; or 3) run him until he pukes?

    Leach made some incredibly bad choices. In doing so, he handed TT the perfect excuse to fire him. I doubt if Leach will ever return to the major conference level.

  • Jim

    Unbelievable. Yeah, he was in a lot of danger by being told to stay in a shed, instead, choosing to show up at practice, “in sunglasses, with his hat on backwards.” Did you hear Leach’s interview? Like he said, is there anybody in their right mind who would say “lets see, who can we rip off?…and then, as you sift through the roster, come across the guy who is the richest, and whos dad has a huge microphone in front of his face….lets rip his kid off.” And, yeah, Im sure there will be no interest with D1 schools in one of the most prolific offensive minds in the history of college football. We wont have any room for that kind of a guy. What a bunch of pansies-this is football, not a dance competition. Good thing the James werent around during the Frank Kush type of years at ASU many years ago. What would then do then?…Wow

  • OldSouth

    Good lord folks. Let me just make a general observation: when there’s significant factual dispute over an event from multiple people on both sides, don’t just assume one side is right, speculate wildly, then use that speculation to insult the other side. It makes you look biased at best, stupid in the middle, and malicious at worst. (Peter Maloney, I’m looking at you).

  • Handgunslinger

    Old South, your comparatively short submission revealed more common sense than that of 90% of previous posts. The longest post was also well-informed, being from a coach.

    My thought is that the only people who win in this situation will be the respective attorneys. Sort of like a huge divorce case, huh?

  • Chris

    If Texas Tech was so concerned for the treatment of their students then why did they hire Bobby Knight that choked a player? This University is classless.

  • Mr.Murder

    Certainly James will forego playing football ever again from concern over his health due to a concussion? Call us back when he makes that timely statement.

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  • ”The contract also states that violations of these provisions must be either “willful or through negligence,” which means two things: Leach did not have to intentionally try to harm or damage James, but they must show that his conduct was actually detrimental to him in some way”

    this part is important i think

  • fd