Me on Mike Leach and TTech; on the Solid Verbal Podcast

Blogging will be slow today, but in the meantime enjoy two sumptuous offerings:

  • Brad

    Good article Chris. One thing I think that has been underestimated about Tech is thier consistently very good offensive lines. They are usually huge and do a great job in pass pro and a very good job with the run when they choose to run. A lot of pass first teams struggle in short yardage and I have not noticed this as a problem for T Tech.

  • OURog

    The key to beating Tech is to not miss tackles in open space. If you can limit their short passing game to 5 yards or so and make them march all the way down the field, they will eventually get a penalty, have a few drops or get sacked. You can’t allow YAC – that is killer against them.

    Also, the worst mistake you can make against Tech is try bring pressure too often. They can kill you with the 3 step drop and are one of the best teams in college football at running the constraints plays.

    Still, unless Tech has made dramatic improvements on the defensive side of the ball, I don’t see them doing very well this week.

  • Mr.Murder

    To beat Tech you need to use the zone blitz as a run limiter similar to the way NFL teams use a man blitz to limit the run game.

    Because they pass first you need zone behind the blitz, but the actual blitz you script needs to be a run blitz, because on zone spacing a run blitz is more likely to overload an area. The splits are so wide that a pass blitz has its angles limited in their effect.

  • OldSouth

    Lane Kiffin seems to have gotten the message about limiting possessions and plays to induce variance to help his underdog cause.