Me on Cincinnati and Brian Kelly

Available over at Dr Saturday, so check it out. Thanks, as always, to the Doc.

  • ko49

    Nice analysis, Chris. The thing that leaps out when I look at the Vert routes and their stems/tags is how well Coach Kelly has prepared his offensive line to pass protect. All of those routes take time to develop (including the Mesh concept) and with the backs releasing the linemen are forced into a lot of big-on-big responsibility. You can’t run this stuff without great o-line coordination. Also, he must be doing a superb job in “Hot” recognition and in getting his QB’s to know exactly where to go with the ball vs. the blitz (it doesn’t hurt, either, to have a QB like Collaros, who can make something happen with his feet if the pocket disappears). All in all a great job by Coach Kelly. I wouldn’t call it genius but it’s certainly great planning and execution.

  • Mr. Dean

    Excellent article Chris!

  • OldSouth

    I hope you saw the Colts/Pats game. A discussion on the 4th and 2 call by Belichick would be interesting. Seems wrong to me in that circumstance. But it would be interesting to see what people think when you start changing the variables. Suppose its the Rams rather than the Colts you’re playing, and it’s at the 50? And so forth.

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