I miss Howard already

This great video of Howard Schnellenberger and his Louisville team that thrashed Alabama in the 1990 Fiesta Bowl:

Louisville’s offense, led by future top draft pick (and NFL bust) Browning Nagle, stole the headlines, but it was the defense that would produce the most NFL stars — namely future NFL studs Ted Washington and Ray Buchanan. But of course no star shined brighter than Schnellenberger himself, strutting around the locker room. (H/t Bill.)

  • As a Husker I am obligated to point out that he pretty much backed in to his only national title after Tom Osborne called a pass play in 1983.

    Also, wasn’t he the only UM coach to appear in that facile 30 for 30 doc? You know, the one that felt more like Cocaine Cowboys 3?

  • BlancmangeHobo6
  • FootballQA

    How many total Bowl Games did Howard win as a Head Coach? That Fiesta Bowl was one for the ages.