Get fired up: Wide receiver video from Dub Maddox

Maddox is a coach at Jenks High School in Oklahoma.

  • Jake

    Don’t these guys seem like the stereotypical bad guys from kids’ sports movies? Dressed in black, intense coach encourages them to be “headhunters”, confident to the point of cockiness… I guess that’s just Oklahoma football, though.

  • Rotweiwer

    Great find Chris!!! This may be the best football video I’ve seen all year…. even including college videos! Keep up the good work!

  • beckett

    I’m sorry, it to me just seemed like alot of stereotypical coach speak, arrogance, and lacking substance. What makes the offense different or special? What do his receivers do that are different? What are the route combinations and how do they get guys so open?

  • Manny

    The usual but if you buy into it it goes a long way towards winning. It’s not the coaches that win the games it’s the players but the coaches do have to fish with the right bait to get everyone on board.

  • chris brinagh

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU

  • Bill

    There is a difference between coach speak and coaching. The media and the bottom 80% of coaches view this as coach speak. The other 20% realize that if the message is clear and consistent and the coach shows that he is holding himself to the same standard that great things are possible.

    Kids aren’t stupid if it’s coach speak they ignore it.

  • Bork1

    If you’ve ever seen the attention to detail Dub puts into everything he does you would quickly realize there is no coach speak.  I spent 4 hours at a coaching clinic and I was amazed.   My favorite speaker ever.

    Jake go back and watch the section on press release and you will get a glimpse into how detailed he is.   Any kid would be lucky to have Coach Maddox as a coach