Game day open thread

I won’t be able to post at least until tomorrow, but don’t forget to follow me on twitter, where I’ll be updating throughout the day.

Also, check out my preview for Dr Saturday one of the interesting but under the radar games, Mizzou vs. Illinois.

Here’s a final thought: I have no problem with Oregon suspending Blount for the season, and I agree that it is good to keep him on the team. For his sake, at least, I hope he works toward a very important goal he still has remaining: the NFL draft, where a year of good behavior and rehabilitation (coupled with his existing talent) could do him wonders.

  • Dave

    Greg Paulus’ first snap went over his head. That may have been an omen as he has looked terrible so far.

  • MarcusR

    Navy THROWING for 2? Forget Rock-Paper-Scissors, forget the bridge with the snakes and the rocks, forget all that. In the clutch, dance with who brung ya. Run the damn ball.

  • Dave

    Agreed, that was a horrible, horrible play call. Ohio State couldn’t stop them inside all day, no reason to deviate from that there. A run to the outside would have made sense too since they had just torched them inside. But to pass? Terrible.

  • Mike

    If Blount got a year the kid from Boise ought to get at least a game or 3 for instigating the incident. I appreciate Boise’s prerogative to handle it as they see fit but the whole thing would have never happened if that DE hadn’t run his mouth in such an ungracious way following a decisive victory. .