Funky name, good site:’s breakdowns of Oregon’s schemes

This is a fan created site that does a good job breaking down Oregon’s schemes. What a huge advantage it is to be a fan of a team like Chip Kelly’s — very fertile material, and this site does nice work in analyzing all of it. Check it out.

  • jfwellspdx

    Definitely check out the latest video that shows new wrinkles that Kelly has implemented to counter Cal’s Cover 0 defense.  Good stuff.

  • A.J.

    This the sort of breakdown I’ve been looking for on oregons offense. No matter how much i rewatch their games the explanation, depth, and ideas conveyed on fishduck goes the extra mile to tell you what you are seeing.

  • JoJo Dynomite!

    This is great stuff! 

  • Thanks so much for your support of 
    We started the site back in early August and already have had a tremendous response, with plans to continue growing the site to greater heights.  We have daily articles, new videos every week, a messageboard, and a comprehensive archive of every known Oregon Ducks-related video on youtube, well over 3,000 compiled all in one place.  Keep checking back for more video breakdowns and daily articles covering Oregon current events, game previews, big picture opinion pieces, as well as a focus weekly on great moments from Oregon’s past.

  • McClane Jugler

    Spread offense porn right here