Fall from grace: the Charles Rogers story

Reporting by Jemele Hill, hat tip to TNC. Video after the jump.

  • Jon

    He did it to himself. He was a chronic marijuana user. When he tried out for the Chiefs, he reportedly ran 4.8-4.9 in the 40s which is astounding to me because he was a speedster coming out of MSU and during his rookie year at Detroit. I honestly don’t feel bad for him at all since it’s his own fault that he’s a bust.

  • I’m sure we can crack on about the Lions all day, and maybe this is just selective or enchanted memory, but there was a slew of offensive super stars from the beginning of the millenium that just were all flash and never gained any traction in the NFL after spectacular college seasons; Mike Williams, Freddie Mitchell, David Terrell, Maurice Clarett, Charles Rogers, etc……didn’t know if there was more of a systemic connection rather than this personal anomaly?

  • Homyrrh

    Isn’t this the guy from ‘Rush Hour’? Oh no, that’s Chris Tucker….who fell off just as well.

  • I think if any team takes a chance on him, they will regret it. I can’t count the number of times it looked like he is lying during that interview. He is still an addict, and he hasn’t fully admitted it yet. If a team takes a chance on him, he’ll fail them by failing another drug test. JMO.

  • Playmakers Radio

    I appreciate the hard work that Charles is putting into his comeback. I can also appreciate the ownership he is taking for his actions without judging the truthfullness of his comments. Let’s just hope he gets on more shot to prove that to everyone including himself that he is a football player worth watching on Sunday’s!

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