Exactly how they drew it up

It’s already been dubbed the “bouquet pass”:

The circumstances: Tiny Bethel (Kan.) College surprisingly led nearby Sterling College 20-0 late in the third quarter of coach Mike Moore’s final game.

(H/t Dr Saturday.)

  • I’d like to see a traditional bridal bouquet toss where the bride gets late-hit by a blitzing defender.

  • Co-ach

    Saw this done last week in Florida. Columbia (Lake City) vs Suwannee (Live Oak). It worked for Columbia. Of course they were up big when they did it.

  • brandon

    so does that mean the receiver is the next to get married?

  • Mr.Murder

    Coach Cisar’s influence, from the Jr leagues, is making its way up the ranks of coaching.

  • AERose
  • Ted Seay

    They drew it up after someone saw a youth single wing team run the unfamous “flapjack pass”…

  • Ted Seay

    That should, of course, have been “infamous,” but clearly it works with a “u”, too…

  • Andy Montgomery

    Brian: I’ve almost seen that. At a wedding I was in a few years ago, a friend of mine–a 5’2″ friend wearing flats–got the bouquet by committing pass interference against three bridesmaids–heights 5’10” plus heels, 5’11” plus heels, and 6’1″ plus heels. It was a sight to behold. And for the record, she was the next to get married.