Bud Light Airraid: Carl Weathers and Bud Light steal Norm Chow’s (and Bruce Eien’s) playbook

If you’ve watched any football recently, you have no doubt seen this commercial from Bud Light, starring Carl Weathers:

In the commercial, Carl Weathers shows us his playbook, including the play “Blue 42 Trick Car Blitz”:

It’s not easy to see, but readers of this site will recognize the play shown as “mesh,” an Airraid staple. (Here’s another copy of the screen cap.) But what caught me was not that I recognized the play concept, it was that I recognized the diagram. Some of this was to Bud Light’s credit: typically play diagrams on TV or in media are incorrect, showing 13 players or ineligible receivers running routes or whatever else. So I was initially just shocked it didn’t immediately look incorrect. But there was something further — although there was some kind of faux defense drawn on top, I knew I’d seen the diagram before.

And then I remembered where: Bruce Eien’s site, or more specifically his depiction of Norm Chow’s BYU offense and the 62 X Shallow play:


Compare the two images above. As I said, it looks like the Bud Light people drew some extra defense stuff on top of the play, but everything on offense is the same — the formations, the layout, the routes, and even the text (“Check flat”).

Of course there’s nothing wrong with this — the play doesn’t belong to anyone (even Norm Chow), and I don’t think Bruce will mind that his play diagram showed up in a Bud Light commercial. But obviously some guy at DDB Chicago (the advertising agency that made the commercial), did a Google Image search for play diagrams and came up with that one.

  • gregory

    This is hilarious, so random

  • Bruce Eien

    Chris I am honored

  • Good pick up!

  • Snibb

    I cant believe you spotted that one…that is great

  • Snibb

    Chris…dont know where to look, but I am looking for information on how to run/coach receivers running a streak/read, or a go/read. Ive never done it as a receiver, but I need to know how to coach it and put it in. Anybody else know where I can track down some detailed information on this?…thanks…Jim

  • Pilot

    I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one to recognize that.

  • endersgame


    Ask that question on CoachHuey, you’ll get an answer and fifty more.

  • Snibb


    Do you know where I would find it in there?

  • Cromulent

    The diagrams are nice, but if you’re casting Carl Weathers then to be cool you’ve got to work in a mention of stew somewhere. In fact, Carl should do a commercial where he extols the use of Bud Light to “get a stew going”.

    I think I know who could narrate that commercial.

  • endersgame


    I’m in class right now so I don’t have time to search for specific threads on CoachHuey, but if you register and start a new thread in one of the offensive forums the coaches there will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. If you want you can also conduct your own search once you register.

    I’m registered as “endersgame” on Huey as well so if you’re still not finding the stuff you need I may be able to provide assistance.

    Good luck.

  • Mr.Murder

    Splendid analysis. The best thing to follow up on this commercial would be a play diagram of the Cal-Stanford multi lateral kickoff(including the marching band in diagram), have a guest appearance by Joe Kapp. Just like we drew it up on the chalkboard, fellas!

  • 4.0 Point Stance

    Iowa just kicked a FG before the half to pull within 7-3 of Northwestern. Iowa had the first down on the 15 with about 35 seconds left, spiked it, and ended up kicking the FG on fourth down with 20 seconds left and two timeouts in their pockets. A perfect example of why spiking the ball is usually unecessary – if they had just run a play on first down, or taken a timeout, they’d have had one more chance to throw into the end zone.


  • Duke

    The fact you recognized it for what is was is impressive.

  • That was AWESOME! Good article.

  • chiefpigskin.com

    Just became aware of your site. Heard good things about it. I’ll be reading through the archives. Thanks.

  • Snibb

    Does anybody know if this site is still up? Its just that I have never seen almost 2 months go by without a post….

  • beckett929

    I was wondering the same thing as Snibb… I was hoping to see some breakdowns and specifics of the Oklahoma “diamond” look…

  • endersgame

    Chris Brown, the author, is a lawyer. I imagine he’s incredibly busy with his job alone. This is not the first time we haven’t heard from him in a few months. He’ll be back with a new article some time.

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