Brave New World: Watching film (game and practice) in real time on iPads

What do West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen and Supreme Court Justice Scalia have in common? Answer: They both take their work home with them via their iPads. In Scalia’s case, the Supreme Court staff and his law clerks load the casebriefs and cases on his iPad for remote viewing. For Holgorsen, it’s film — practice, WVU film, opponents, film, and so on. As he explains in the linked clip (beginning at the 1:50 mark), coaches and even players nowadays frequently take video home on their iPads or even download it on the fly to review and continue the process of getting better. He even mentions that some schools give iPads to all of their players.

Very interesting, and increasingly available to teams at all levels. And, after the jump, is a photo West Virginia QB Geno Smith tweeted of his aforementioned iPad with game cutups:

  • Tim Sullivan

    I sat next to an NFL scout (I believe from the Dolphins) in the pressbox at the NC State/Cincy game earlier this year, and he spent most of the time not watching the game in front of him – can’t blame him, since it was an ugly one – but rather watching practice cutups on his iPad.

  • Justin Franks

    What if teams started distributing playbooks via iPads? It would be interesting not just to display the Xs and Os of the play, but could also include embedded videos of the play in action, which might allow for quicker learning. Might also be a nifty recruiting perk: “Here’s an iPad that has your playbook on it…As long as you don’t break that, do whatever else you want with it.” 

  • Anonymous

    I actually put this article together before I saw this article, but it appears some NFL teams have started doing exactly that:

    They put it all on the playbook — I assume as some kind of powerpoint with cut-ups interspersed and prompts for questions — that needs to be unlocked with security codes.

  • Pete DeWeese

    We use HUDL (and love it) in our program and several of our coaches and kids take advantage of the remote access of the film.  Anyone with an iPad or an Android based smart phone can access the film.  I know that one of our DB’s works on Saturday’s and says that during down time he watches game film at work on his phone.  Some of our coaches grade their film on their personal iPads.

  • Justin Franks

    Pretty cool. Will be an interesting development to watch, as these apps inevitably get more sophisticated.

  • We are also a HUDL team, I watch game film each morning on my Droid on the elliptical. It is incredible.

  • Mr.Murder

    Dana and Antonin had something in common? Both had soins work on the Bush/Cheney Florida election team? Oh, only one of them did. The one ironically referred to as “Justice.”

    Have heard of people sending game film directly to the halftime locker room with new technology.

  • Jamee

    Why isn’t giving players iPads an impermissible benefit?

  • imc

    Because they’re also “given” equipment to use, that is not theirs to keep.