Best of Smart Football – 2010

Due to various life commitments (new job, moving to New York City, getting engaged) 2010 wasn’t quite as productive as 2009 was in terms of pure volume of articles and words produced, but the site continued to grow and, in the process of writing it, I learned a lot from the great readers here at Smart Football. Below, in no particular order, is a list of some of the best and most popular pieces:

Lastly, I simply must highlight two very popular guest articles for the site:

  • George

    This is fantastic stuff.

  • 3k

    Tuesday’s productivity just decreased 92.5%… Thanks for the wrap-up, Chris.

  • Josh

    This site is at the top of my RSS feed – it’s like Christmas when I see a new post in the morning.

    Any plans on writing a book, Chris?

  • Brandon

    Chris, I was wondering if you’ve ever come across the Colts playbook. If, so can you direct me to where I can get it?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Jack

    Welcome to NYC, Chris. Hope you’re enjoying the phenomenal weather we’re having this winter! lol

  • Jamaal

    Quantity of articles was down this season, but the quality was top notch. I don’t know if this was only consisting of your articles or articles posted on the site, but the best article I read and several of my friends in a football chat group enjoyed an article you linked to, ‘Great analysis of the Indy Colts offense from Mile High Report.’ It was the first true analysis I had seen of the Colts offense. Keep up the good work and I look for more in the coming year. Congrats on the engagement…

  • Coach J

    Great, great, great job!

    Thanks! And be careful with the snow shovel… It’s hard to write with back pain.

  • Thanks for the well wishes. I’ve done a decent job staying warm — I didn’t exactly come in from California, so the snow isn’t too much of a shock. Doesn’t make it any more fun though.