Sean Payton breaks down his Super Bowl script

From the New Orleans Times-Picuyane, via reader Justin. Sean Payton discusses several plays, including four verticals and stick.

Below is a diagram of the second play the Saints run in the video above. The second video in the series (which is the more informative of the two videos) can be found after the jump.

  • links to all 4 quarters of analysis videos…

  • Old South

    An avalanche of posts by Chris makes my quality of life much better

  • sweet find, Chris.
    Thats good “sports reporting” there. I wish more of the ‘reporters’ / pundits would take a cue from this and give readers/fans an educated perspective of the game.

  • Mr.Murder

    Consistent approach, not unlike the Texas Tech “all go” where you line up and run it and have the passer develop a tempo that matches his receivers feel for adjustments.

    Indy shows two deep and rotates under on pass downs and blitzes from the line on run groupings. Loved having an extra OL in motion to try and soften those edge rushers for Indy. As with the game’s first play, assert physicality so you gain an edge later in the game. It isn’t about that play’s production, it is the sum of those selections helping wear at an opponent’s ability to stay with you and eventually let you settle into the range of plays you use best. Called from an aspect of control.

  • Coach P

    Is anybody else getting the same video both times, or is it just me?

  • Dez
    they have a link to the 2nd qrt video.. doesnt have all the other videos up yet.. great stuff, loved how he talked about the personal groupings.. Saints are a curl, stick, spacing, 4 vert team w/ NCAA off PA.. Simple but when you have Brees who throws his multiple groups open they are unstoppable at times.. WHO DAT!