Keep it simple, stupid – Paul Johnson edition

From the AJC:

Q: Is there a coach out there whose schemes you like to watch for ideas?

A: I don’t know if there’s any one person. We’ve had our system, and we’ve run it for a long time and we don’t change a whole lot. If somebody has some ideas on the staff, I might listen to ’em. They’d probably tell you I’m hard-headed. But we’ve done things a certain way and it’s been successful for the most part, so there’s not much use to changing.

Q: Do you doodle plays on napkins?

A: [Lifts a yellow legal pad with plays drawn on it.] That’s for this week. All these plays. This is my game plan for this week. That’s it right there.

Q: How many plays are there?

A: [Counting] 10. There’ll be base plays with it and I won’t run all that, but that’s just the ideas I’ve scribbled down in the last two days watching tape and [Tuesday], I’ll go in with the offensive staff and I’ll tell ’em, ‘OK, here’s what I got. What do you guys got? You’ve got anything you want to do?’ If they’ve got some ideas that I think will work, we’ll put ’em in, we’ll look at ’em this week and we’ll sort ’em out. That’s the way we do it.

Hat tip one and two.

  • Jeff Anderton

    Good stuff.  Do you think Paul Johnson runs less plays then the Air Raid guys?  Leach, Holgorsen, etc.

  • Doug

    Johnson has a few plays he will run in specific situations, but he runs the offense based on a system with lots of options off the basic sets.  It is similar to a basketball team in that players have to understand the system and how they should react to the defense.

    When I read he had ten plays on his pad I smiled.  Those are likely situation plays for things he saw Virginia do in previous games.  He did that against Middle Tennessee and Kansas on the opening play of both games.

  • TBS

    With the benefit of hindsight, maybe he should’ve had more plays. Or different plays. 🙂