Game planning (and game theory) wisdom from . . . Lane Kiffin

From the 2011 Nike Coach of the Year Clinic:

Each year we do a self-scout at the end of the year…. After the review, we could see where we made mistakes of adding plays that we did not have time to perfect. We have decided to stop running plays we add late in the week, and we do not have enough reps where our players feel comfortable running them. We may add a play to take advantage of a team that widens their 3-technique. We work on that all week, and when we get into the game, the opponent does not widen the 3-technique, and we have wasted a lot of time working on something we did not need.

I want to encourage you to stay away from doing that next season…. You will see something you think will work, and you think it will help you in the next game. You get to the game, and you see it does not work. You need to go back and call the plays the players know; just call them from a different formation.

  • Chase Stuart

    Nice post, Chris.

  • Breckinridgewhalen

    Mike Leach is about 10 years ahead of him…

  • Guest

    “Mike Leach is about 10 years ahead of him…”

    And unemployed last time I checked…

  • 999999999

    “And unemployed last time I checked…      ”

    yes due to his horrible playcalling…PFFT!

    Chris, Lane is dead on!

  • I wish I was so smart

    Um…isn’t that something that I learned when I was still coaching HS frosh? Way to go Captain Obvious Kiffin!