Football doesn’t have to be that complicated

Overheard at a coaching clinic:

Coach 1: “We just couldn’t stop you guys from hitting the speed out. We used our Tango technique, then switched to the Dragon Claw alignment, and even whipped out the Lombardi Kung Fu grip and we still couldn’t handle it. What are you guys doing to make that that route so effective for you?”

Coach 2: “Our fast kid runs it.”

  • Brilliant.

  • Lance Davis

    Jimmies and Joes > X’s and O’s

  • Don Jones

    I would love to see the dragon claw alignment and the Kung fu grip! lol

  • Anonymous

    Except… I had a similar experience with Charlie Weis at the 2006 ESPN / Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party in Detroit. I asked Coach Weis why teams failed to effectively defense one play that’s generally ran out of an I formation, and with sprint draw action to the strongside; the primary receiver is actually the split end away from the false POA.

    I expected a reasoned, somewhat technical and engaged answer from Coach Weis. Instead he said “They’re always looking for the run.”

    I said “Ok,” and didn’t follow-up because he seemed in a hurry. But at the same time my thought was that a team that really studied Notre Dame tendencies would just tell their free safety to stay put and not flow to the strongside.

    I thought Coach Weis would agree that ND was getting away with touchdown murder and say something like ” But don’t tell anyone.” That was Weis.

    Weis was, from my experience, far less friendly than Ted Tollner, who I met at the same event, and talked to for hours. That was cool.