Wild Bill: double coverage and drawing up plays in the dirt

belichickerSome interesting tidbits from the post-game pressers regarding Bill Belichick. First, his defensive tactics against the Falcons and how worried he was about Falcons tight-end Anthony Gonzalez:

Q: Can you talk about the job the defense did on Tony Gonzalez? He was a big topic of conversation this week.

Belichick: Well, he’s good. We devoted a lot of coverage to him. We doubled him a lot and he’s a guy — game plan-wise — that you’ve got to account for. You’ve got to put some coverage on him; he’s really hard to handle. Again, I thought our guys stepped up and did a good job on him. We doubled him plenty of times and he still caught the ball. He’s tough, but then we held up in some other spots as well. Terrence [Wheatley], Shawn [Springs] and Leigh [Bodden] really did a good job out there. We didn’t give them very much help and they stepped up to the challenge on a good group of receivers and did a competitive job. . . .

Q: Can you talk about the job Brandon McGowan did today? It looked like he was part of your coverage on Tony Gonzalez.

Belichick: Oh, he was. Brandon [McGowan], it seems like he does a good job for us every week in the kicking game and on defense. He’s involved in a lot of plays, makes tackles and is a good coverage player and he did. He had a lot of responsibility on Gonzalez today. But we put a lot of coverage on Tony, too, and I’m not taking anything away from the job Brandon did, but we gave him some help. I mean Gonzalez is almost impossible to matchup with. . . .

Q: Were there changes defensively in the second half?

Belichick: No, not really. It was basically the same game plan we went into the game with. The calls matchup differently like they always do. Certainly, a big part of this game was to deal with Gonzalez, which I am not coming in here talking about him being seven [catches] for 110 [yards] with two touchdowns. . . .

And then Tom Brady had some interesting insight into Belichick’s role with the offense, specifically in drawing up plays in the dirt:

Q: On the Chris Baker touchdown, a guy had you in his grasp, but you were able to get away from the defense and deliver the ball well.

Brady: Yeah it was great protection. It wasn’t how we drew that play up. It was pretty much on the sideline, Coach Belichick said, ‘Well, what do you think about this?’ The guys that ran the play didn’t run it all week in practice and they made an adjustment. Chris [Baker] has been really dependable for us since the day he got here, and he made a great catch and run. . . .

Q: You said Bill Belichick drew up the Chris Baker touchdown play on the sideline. Was he more involved in the offensive communication with you and the play calling this week?

Brady: He’s always involved. He’s involved in every play that’s called. That one, like I said, we just kind of drew it up there on the sidelines and made it work.

  • headsigh

    Matt Ryan throwing a million-zillion passes away didn’t help.

  • Homyrrh

    I can’t bring myself to think that improvising on the back of the envelope is some rarity in the NFL or FBS.

  • Greg

    Homyrrh, oh, you clearly know everything. You need to get a life instead of constantly giving people crap on here.

  • Homyrrh

    Bill Belichick? I should stop giving Bill Belichick crap on here? Perhaps I misunderstand, but is there fault in me feeling that Belichick is not anymore of a genius because he drew a play in the dirt? The very interesting point in the post was that Belichick humbled himself to admit this, but I’m not sure that giving Bill Belichick crap for anything is really something worth exception…

  • Co-ach

    It was almost certainly drawn on a whiteboard… 😛

  • Ironically it was drawing a play in the dirt that spelled the end of the Bernie Kosar’s carrer in Cleveland. Bernie had enough of Belicheck’s “defensive offense” and drew up an aggressive route in the dirt. Bernie hit Mike Jackson for a touchdown. (video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cigy-tEfbI) Belicheck cut the quarterback the next day with his team at 5-3 and in the playoff hunt.

  • Mr.Murder

    The refs took away a long Falcon TD when Bodden did the theater of throwing an arm out and looking for a flag after he knew he was beat. That would have made it 17-16 Falcons during the second half and instead it became second and 20 back on their side of the field, 16-10.

    Get beat, throw an arm out, fall down, get up looking for a flag.