My take on Penn State’s old school/new school D

Check it out on Yahoo! here. Thanks again to the Doc. Hope you all enjoy it.

  • brian

    I read a page on trojanfootballanalysis about the defensive fronts and was introduced to a different example of the 4-3 Over which I think is what you’re talking about in regards to the “Miami” 4-3. That example shows no linebackers on the LOS and has the Sam remain on the strong side of the formation.

    This is the first time I’ve read that an Over front would have the Sam on the weak side of the formation. Is this something unique to Penn State or is that what the more widespread Over concept?

  • roo

    Fantastic work as usual!

  • Hey, is it true that the name “Fritz” (backer) is derived from JoePa’s old pizza guy?

  • WK

    That is true. I’ve attended PSU’s annual coaching clinic many times and have heard the story told by several different coaches over the years including Joe P. The basic gist is that the staff would call out for pizza when working late and Fritz was the pizza guy who has been immortalized in PSU terminology.