Greg Schiano on recovering fumbles: “Squeeze your butt cheeks”

From an old clinic lecture by former Rutgers and current Tampa Bay Bucs head coach, Greg Schiano. I think I prefer “scooping and scoring.”

You’ll thank me later

We also have our players perform the recover drill. In this drill, we stress three aspects: covering the points by surrounding the football; covering the ball in a fetal position so none of the brown part of the football shows; and, when they recover a fumble, we also ask our players to close their eyes, close their mouths, and squeeze their buttock cheeks.

What happens at the bottom of the pile on a fumble? One thing that may occur is that the opponents may stick a finger in the eye of the man with the ball. What do you do when someone sticks a finger in your eye? In all likelihood, you may take one hand off the ball. The second thing the opponents do is fishhook you with a finger in your mouth, and then rip your mouth with that finger. Again, this action may lead you to take one hand off the ball.

Another thing the opponents might do is to grab you in the testicular area. At this point, you may have no hands on the football, which is why we tell our players who recover a fumble to close their eyes and mouths, and to squeeze their butt cheeks.

  • Start with both players facing the ball, from the same direction. Emphasize shielding the ball with your body. The shortest path to anything is a straight line. Step in front of the other player, shield him from the straight line on the ballĀ so he has to run around you. If he gets ahead of you then best try to push him or alter his balance so you can use his momentum to the ball against him and still remain on target to track it yourself. Fun to get those big guys on this, bulls in a China shop….

  • Do the drill with two players facing the ball from the same direction. A straight line is the shortest distance to any point. Cut off that player’s line to the ball with your body. Use you body to shield the ball. Tell them to “close eyes, mouth, and squeeze” think it sets the point. If someone cuts off your track to the ball try and get them off balance so you can repositionĀ or use their momentum to make them overrun it. Watch the big guys on this drill, bulls in a China shop….

  • I was acquainted with Glen Steele when I was in college. After Michigan played Northwestern one year, Steele said that somebody on Northwestern had reached into his mouth and ripped that skin or whatever it is that connects his tongue to the bottom of his mouth while he was in a pile. I guess it must have been that finger-like-fishhook-in-mouth technique.

  • Had one try to fish hook me. I just bit him. That works just as well.

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