Watching Game Film with Chip Kelly

It’s been fun this season seeing how Chip Kelly’s offense has translated to the NFL — how he’s evolved what he did at Oregon for professional players and multiple quarterbacks, how defenses have responded, and how his Eagles have responded to those responses. At 6-5 the Eagles are both in position to make the playoffs but on no one’s Super Bowl radar; it’s a transition season, and with some clear downs as well as ups, it’s been an overall productive one headed into December.

Learn stuff

Learn stuff

But another fun element has been that Kelly has — whether graciously or against his will, I’m not sure — submitted to a number of quick film breakdowns of various plays throughout the season, and he’s been fairly honest and open as he’s covered not only his famous spread-to-run concepts but also more traditional play-action, screens, and even some defense and special teams. I’ve collected links to most of the better ones below, though note that some of them are longer videos where Kelly’s Xs and Os session is only one part, and the rest can largely be ignored and is sometimes a bit misleading.

There’s lots of great scheme stuff to pick up here, but pay special attention to the little coaching points and mnemonic devices Kelly throws in to help his players remember. Whether or not Chip is successful with the Eagles remains to be seen, but there’s no question the guy knows a lot of football.

Dual-screen (motion swing screen and slow-screen to tight-end), inside zone on goal line, bracket coverage

Two-gap technique for defensive linemen

Y-Cross concept with backside post, deep square-in with runningback option underneath (high/low), setting edge on defense versus read-option

Snag pass concept, zone read of defensive tackle (go to 3:30 mark)

Breaking tendencies in play-action, manipulating secondary run support with unbalanced lines, matching routes in zone defense, kickoff coverage

Double post, four verticals from trips, putting defenders in run-pass conflict with play-action

Play-action protection, Power-O (go to 1:30 mark)

  • Mr.Murder

    His Two Gap breakdown where he shows how line penetration is read by the second tackle to contrast the first penetrator. It shapes how a window opens for LB run throughs from the second level, along the scrimmage line. Team concept pursuit.

  • Alec Glen

    I can’t seem to get the videos to play, is anyone able to download them or find alternative locations?

  • duckoutofwater

    I had to disable my ad blocking plugin for the site, then the videos ran.

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