The Essential Smart Football is Now Available on Kindle

My new book, The Essential Smart Football, is now available on Kindle. You can click on the image below to go to the Amazon store:

The Essential Smart Football

You can read more about the book here, and it of course remains available in paperback.

  • That is the news I was waiting for

  • Just bought the Kindle Edition, looking forward to it! 

    Wanted to let you know that when you search for your book at the Amazon homepage the landing page of the 1st result doesn’t show the Kindle version available for purchase.  I had to come to your blog to link over to Kindle page.  Thought you might want to sync the two up for consistency of information and reviews.  


  • smartfootball

    Apparently Amazon is working on linking the two. It shows up but the pages aren’t linked. They said it can take 48 hours. Hopefully by Monday or so we’ll be all squared away. 

  • wundy1122

    Thanks so much for the kindle version. I check this site almost everyday. Would love to see you tackle some leadership topics as they relate to coaches or players. I registered for disqus just to post this. Started my own blog last week because I love your sight so much.

  • Don Bagwell

    I ordered and received the paperback edition.  Utterly fascinating stuff.

    I was particularly interested in your comment about how the 3-3-5 defense puts particular strain on the CBs.  Thinking back to Michigan’s 2010 season where the 3-3-5 was in place and Michigan’s veteran corner (Woolfolk) out, it’s no wonder the younger guys in there were having some trouble.

    I am *finally* starting to understand words and phrases I’ve heard but never understood.

    Excellent book … thanks for writing it and thanks for helping me understand!

  • jwallace0317

    Ordered the Kindle edition, for the price it’s a great value even for someone like me who has always been a frequent site visitor. My only critique would be that the next edition include more play diagrams to illustrate the concepts being discussed. The text is always easily digested, but chalkboard guys like me still appreciate seeing things drawn up 🙂

  • smartfootball

    Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it. It’s always a balance for the diagrams, as some  people are intimidated by the Xs and Os. I actually tried to keep the number of diagrams down. But everything is a work in progress; glad you liked it. 

  • David Speck

    any word on a iBooks version for apple products?

  • David Speck

    any word on a iBooks version for apple products?

  • I’m looking forward to it being available on the Nook, as well.

  • Jack Reeves

    Just ordered it! Can’t wait to dive in.