Most Popular Books Bought by Smart Football Readers in 2012

I’ve included here a breakdown of the books purchased over the last year by Smart Football readers. I get very minor referral revenues from Amazon purchases and, as a result, I am able to track which books are purchased by readers. The data is entirely anonymous but it provides, in aggregate, some interesting information.

The Most Popular Books Bought by Smart Football Readers in 2012

And below is the same chart, but excluding my book, The Essential Smart Football (which you can read more about here):

Below is the full list. Note that I simply included the top books and did not include a separate “other” category.

  • Interesting list, Chris. I also picked up Game Plan: A Radical Approach to Decision Making in the NFL. It is a excellent read – and I highly recommend it – on the current state of the game and game-management that head coaches have to do.

  • What? Where is ‘Grease Monkey Jive (’ I know I bought that too.

  • FWIW, I read this too, and I found a lot of it to be hot air from a man that doesn’t understand football very well.

    It’s not all bad, but definitely read it critically.

  • I’m considering Dan Gonzales concept passing book, any reviews on here?

  • I have to say, I have the unabashed pleasure to work with Andrew Coverdale at Trinity and have met with Dan Robinson and their book on bunch attack is fantastic…also, their film on quick passing is a must see for all levels of coaches…