Smart Football’s Week Three Blogpoll

Rank Team
1 Florida
2 Southern Cal
3 Texas
4 Alabama
5 Penn State
6 Brigham Young
7 Boise State
8 California
10 LSU
11 Mississippi
12 Utah
13 Houston
14 Georgia Tech
15 Cincinnati
16 Nebraska
17 Miami (Florida)
18 Virginia Tech
19 Oklahoma
20 Ohio State
21 North Carolina
22 Michigan
23 Kansas
24 Pittsburgh

[Update: Third time’s the charm… I had UNC [and Ohio State] listed twice. I removed them and Pittsburgh snuck in. Wannstache is due for an upset loss, but otherwise his team is 2-0 and is the same squad people thought would win the Big East, though Cincy looks better so far.]
More “gestalt”

  • There’s a solid case to be made that USC should have leapfrogged Florida to be number one because they played a quality opponent, but I can’t get past my gut feeling that Florida would roll USC if they played right now. Later in the season? Who is to say. UT sleepwalked part of the way past Wyoming — and they have more questions than does Florida, obviously — but if the ‘Horns throttle Texas Tech at home (who I dropped this week for playing nobody, and have their chance to jump up this weekend as well), then they could shoot to #1.
  • Penn State also leapt in front of ‘Bama as they still had a bit of a hangover from bruising up Va Tech, and I’m keeping the mid-majors like BYU who have beaten people ahead of teams like LSU and Ole Miss who still look like they will be standing at the end of the year but haven’t been truly tested yet. Houston jumped up this week after the big victory against Oklahoma State — who I actually dropped, because seriously — and Utah might be a little high but we’ll see how they do against an unimpressive Oregon squad. If the Utes manhandle the Ducks, then that could really jam up impressions of them as compared with Boise State.
  • For some others, Cincy is surging, Georgia Tech is hanging on, Miami is heading into more of its terrifying part of the schedule, and I gave Michigan the nod into the polls. Notre Dame had risen to as high as the top 15 in some polls; the Wolverines have looked much better than anticipated so they snuck in ahead of teams like Texas Tech that got dropped for not playing anyone legitimate yet.
  • Some of the losers remain in the polls: I couldn’t drop all of them too far. I don’t know if that counts as improper path dependence because they were mostly highly ranked teams previously, but I don’t think it is a stretch to say that Oklahoma, Ohio State, and Virginia Tech are going to win plenty of games this year, despite early stumbles.

  • chewbakka

    UNC’s so good they’re listed twice!!(22 and 16) I’m assuming 22 is right, but just wanted to give you some feedback. Other than that, I agree with your poll all the way, especially with keeping LSU/Miss just outside the top 10 and below BYU/Boise.

  • MarcusR

    Ohio State also in there twice. This is Jeff Jagodzinski-level attention to detail, dude!

  • Yikes, my bad. In a rush this morning but sorry guys. I just got the fix in before the buzzer, too.

  • Silver Charm

    Miami began the terrifying part of the schedule when they opened on the road with Florida State. They not only have to beat them on the field but also in the recruiting wars.

    Word is the key to tomorrows game with Ga Tech is focus on the blocker not the backfield. Normal two gap responsibility is a little different against the option where Tech does a very good job of getting people on the ground.

    Practices have been a little bit intense in Coral Gables with a couple of skirmishes breaking out. Ga Tech, Va Tech, UNC and the Canes are becoming a decent division in any football conference.

  • Aboojum

    I would think that Iowa will return next week if they take out Arizona, which they should after a close first half. Iowa has started games very slow as their offense started the season with only two players (the QB and left tackle) having started more than two games at the position they are currently playing, in their career. But now the injured players are returning, freshmen are emerging, and expect a very spirited effort this week. They got dropped from every poll after bearely beating Norther Iowa…well, Northern Iowa is ranked higher than Michigan State and Northwestern on several inclusive computer polls. They will likely win the ECS championship, they are not your fathers Div. 1A team, so winning a close one to start the season there is not a total embarassment.

  • Aboojum

    I meant FCS Championship…sorry.