Mummepoll Ballot

The ballot is below. Again, the Mummepoll requires you to rank the top five teams and then just select, in any order, the next seven. This intent is for a more original polling format. Also, there is still time to join, as voting is open to everyone. (And if you missed last week, they are allowing a mulligan on voting.)

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Cincinnati
  • Boise State
  • Virginia Tech
  • Miami
  • Iowa
  • TCU
  • Kansas
  • South Carolina
  • Ohio State

  • Rob

    The biggest problem with the Mumme Poll system is that it is impossible for certain teams to do well in it. Boise St and TCU (this year) and Utah (last year) will always be undervoted because some people refuse to accept a non-BCS conference team as being a top team.

    No one rational would leave Alabama out of the top 12. However, I dont see any rational reason to not have Boise St in the top 12 right now either.

  • Did you mean Southern Cal instead of South Carolina? Otherwise, our only difference is flipping Cincy and VT.

  • cerebral

    If you look at the poll several people are picking tcu and boise as top 5… also i think this way of voting makes more sense. cept for the idiots who put san jose st and UTEP top 5 last week. am19psu, the order doesnt matter with this poll…

    here are my top 12
    top 5:
    Va Tech

    next 7:
    boise st
    ohio state
    virginia tech

  • Assuming Chris just copied and pasted the output from the poll (maybe not a good one?), I figured he had Cincy in the Top 5, whereas I put in VT. That’s what I meant by flip.

  • I fixed the South Carolina thing. That was a mistake.