Blogpoll Week 4 Ballot

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida 2
2 Texas 1
3 Alabama 1
4 Boise State 3
5 Cincinnati 4
6 TCU 6
7 Houston 6
8 LSU 2
9 Virginia Tech 2
10 Southern Cal 14
11 Iowa
12 Penn State 8
13 Oklahoma 7
14 Kansas 2
15 Oklahoma State
16 Georgia
17 South Carolina
18 Ohio State 7
19 Oregon
20 Miami (Florida) 10
21 Brigham Young 2
22 Mississippi 14
23 Michigan 2
24 Nebraska
25 South Florida
Last week’s ballot

Some minor commentary after the jump.

We have now reached where almost any ballot starts being incoherent: enough teams have played each other that you don’t want to rank someone behind a team that beat them, but the teams also haven’t played enough games where a real order has shaken out. So I’m sure there are quibbles with my ballot, as there are with many others. I at least tried to respect head to head generally, but within reason. Southern Cal made a move up, but that reflects where the Pac-10 is. I had Cal beating them this week; now, not so much.

I moved Florida back up despite this Tebow business because I watched them play in person (bias?) and they were very, very impressive as a team. After the first quarter Rich Brooks and Meyer called a kind of truce, as Kentucky just does not come back from 31-0 in the first quarter. But of course all that is meaningless and in flux at the moment. (I do give Florida more credit for beating Kentucky than Texas beating UTEP.) ‘Bama looks great but I’m not sure if they have the firepower to beat Texas or Florida.

Of course, Florida plays LSU, and Tebow absolutely should not play, just as a precaution if nothing else. So who knows what that will bring. (Indeed, the whole thing was strange. Tebow was completely knocked out for a moment — legs splayed on the turf — and I would have taken Tim to get X-rays immediately, thinking of course what happened with Natasha Richardson. I could be interpreting it wrong, but Kentucky sent the cart and staff over and Florida’s trainers/team doctors waived them off at first. Tebow then sat on the sidelines, then did a bit of a tour around the stadium and of course threw up, and then only about 45 minutes to an hour later did they take him to the Kentucky medical center. )

From there, my ballot has a typical amount of movement because I care not one whit about consistency from week to week. Comments welcome.

  • Fourth

    This is probably the first ballot I’ve ever seen, ever, that I pretty much agree with from top to bottom. Ok, maybe I would switch Ohio State and Penn State, and maybe the mid-majors from 4-7 are a little too high for my personal taste, but I’d sign off on it.

  • MikeLew

    Why the gap between Ohio State and Oklahoma?

    Ohio State is 3-1, with their 1 loss by a FG at home to your #10 team, and wins over Navy(2-2), @Toledo(2-2), and Illinois(1-3)….teams that are 5-4 against everyone else.

    Oklahoma is 2-1, with their 1 loss by 1 pt. at home to your #21 team, and wins over 1-AA Idaho State(0-4) and Tulsa(3-1), teams that are 3-3 against everyone else.

    Both teams have 2 shut outs, and OSU is 3-1 against 1-A teams, whereas Oklahoma is only 1-1.

    If Oklahoma is #13, how can OSU not be either 12 or 14?

  • Larchlion

    Praise be to tebow for having Boise tcu hou and cincy in the top ten where they belong until proven otherwise

  • E

    “Bama looks great but I’m not sure if they have the firepower to beat Texas or Florida.”

    I would love to hear you justify that with some sort of analysis. So far, Alabama has scored 162 points versus 182 for Florida and 198 for Texas. Alabama has done so against all FBS teams and overall better competition. They also haven’t kept their starters in through the third quarter of blowouts.

    It’s not unreasonable to keep Florida and Texas where they are–but lord, what Alabama team have you been watching that doesn’t have “enough firepower”? Last week, you probably would have said that Miami had the right amount of firepower. Compare their performance against Virginia Tech to the Tide’s.

    You also might want to compare McElroy’s QB rating to Tebow’s and McCoy’s at the moment.

  • DogTown

    I’m a ‘Horns fan, but I rank Alabama 1st, Florida 2nd, and Texas 3rd. Bama’s win over VT looks more impressive by the week, and they have one helluva defense.

  • Homyrrh

    If we assume Boise wins out, and if it becomes a reality that Florida, Texas, and Alabama all lose at least one game, where does that leave the Broncos?

  • Seth

    On the outside, looking in. There’s NO WAY they make that championship game, even if they’re undefeated and Florida, TX, etc. have one loss.

  • dr

    I know that it is all speculation and opinion at this point, but why does Boise always end up ranked above Houston? Houston’s body of work seems more impressive.

    Is this all based on the fact that Boise is in this place every year, but this is the first year Houston has shown anything? Should rankings for this year be based on performance in years past?

  • Silver Charm

    Boy this Poll has the BCS Establishment turning in their proverbial graves.

    Could there be a Boise/Cincy or Boise/Houston Championship? And if not what would be the howls if there are one loss SEC/Big 12 Teams in the game and undefeated Boise/Cincys/Houstons not but ranked higher in the AP.

    Which is not part of the BCS Poll.